Saturday, 30 April 2011

Holiday View on a Saturday

Table Mountain
A friend, who is on a well deserved holiday just sent me this pic from where he is sitting drinking wine.

How lovely is that.
I was born near here.
One of her many ammimals

SO really early yesterday morning T asked me if this what animal this was, it went something like this.

Mummy, what ammimal is this, is it a leopard?
No darling, I can't quite remember what its called at the moment but its a Disney animal so why not call it a leopard until I remember.

Off she went for a few minutes

Daddy, daddy, do you like my leopard?
Yes, but its a panther.
A Panfa!
That's it T, a panther, clever daddy, why didn't I remember that?
Its a Panfa mummy
T, put your tongue on your teeth and blow TH!
Try again, Panther
Panfa! Oh mummy, I'm going to call it a leopard.
What ever you thinks best dear.

Have a lovely weekend

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Infant School Selection Pot Luck Challenge

Home Economics
Problem Solving
Circus Performance

All these pics were taken a while ago, all her development at home and generally hanging out.

Yesterday we were notified of her new infant school for this Sept, we were unsuccessful in our preference. The local school where she was to form firm friendships and bonds with all the local kids who we have not really had a chance to meet yet, is full at 550 meters and we live at 730 meters. So we have been allocated a school over 2000 meters away and if we use public transport to get there its an hour and a half journey and I am just not willing to put her through it and then expect her to do a full day in the classroom and repeat the journey home.
What were they bloody thinking!!

Can you see she is all alone in the photos.

I am devastated for her as all Easter holiday she has been asking me for play dates and we just don't know that many people. We go to a brilliant preschool, but all her chums are scattered as it is located in the city center.  It was now to be her turn to have friends for tea and have the Charlie and Lola childhood that I had hoped for.

Last night as I went to bed and thought of all the stuff that is supposed to happen

Getting the uniform and the photo outside the house
Running in the playground when its frosty
Making Christmas decorations that I keep for ever
Walking with all the other children and saying goodbye at the gate

Just have to work hard at coming up with a plan Stan.
It will be a long summer.

In the mean time, happy news.
Happy Birthday Adam, Happy Birthday Roar.
Welcome to 30!!

I also have a rash under my arms. itchy.
Who's watching the wedding tomorrow?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday in the park

So, he did the shop and bought in a picnic and we decided to get to a local park for 11:30 and we actually got there for an hour later by which time P had fallen asleep in the back of the car so we laid her out on the sheet and ate sandwiches and drank lemonade.
I like the shade now I'm older

Initial excitement
Proper summer weather in spring
First daisy chain made for them, lost in seconds
We decided to camp out far away from the children's play area so that we didn't spend our time watching them on slides and swings but could relax and play ball etc but it also meant sitting a mile away from the loos so our time was limited and so was the amount of posh lemonade that I drank.

Jumping for leaves
This grape is poison!

When they did spy the playground they got bored of our day out quite quickly but G made a valid point playgrounds are not for family days out because they are work for adults. They can go play there on a normal day. We lasted another half hour before heading for home.
Very oddly T went to bed for a couple of hours which is unlike her and she also has a bit of a heat rash will see how that unfolds, will keep her close.

My lovely friend from FMH, came to visit, we have not seen her since before Christmas, I showed her my ankle she showed me her wrist. I showed her my new shoes she showed me her trousers. We talked about soap and the dish you keep it in and I can't wait to see more things knackered and old with her when the time is right, just like old times.

Gonna get a new frame of mind tomorrow!

Off to bed despite it being desperately early

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Is It Summer?

What a week, I thought I would be way ahead in the ankle and moving about department but sadly no, its all very stiff and rather painful.
The good ankle is now so sore I can't tell you, it brought me to tears last night, it's like the bad one has to get better as the good one needs a break but its not happening quickly enough and about 5 yesterday the good one said NO MORE! and I am struggling.

And feel like I am loosing a bit with all the things that make me happy, clean house, cooking for my family, taking the girls out in the sunshine.

Here are some pics from last year, as we cleaned up the garden at the end of the summer, the garden was at its fullest but now its overgrown with the death of winter and I am unable to fix it properly, the girls are desperate to get out and explore so we have done out best by putting some toys on the decking and I just have to stand back and let P eat dirt.


G tells me that in three weeks I will be able to walk, as that is what Mr Hatrick expects so I should focus on that. I shouldn't moan it is only a broken ankle that will fix and i will get better, but I am struggling with the wishes to do more, and I am extremely grateful for the love and support that I am getting. I just wish to do more.

And I am very well aware that there are more out there worse off than me



Monday, 18 April 2011

Cast Off Monday

So Creative
Got my mum to come over and look after the girls, whilst I went into have my cast removed, she came over at 09:30 for my 11:00 appointment which turned out to be at  1:30. Long day.

Last week Monday I let T draw on the cast, and activity that I thought she would take her time with, no she filled it with pics of cats, thunder and rain within 5 minutes of picking up the marker.

As a child you always "big up" the idea of how they take the cast off, it really is no big one just as everyone says. It tickles unbearably. Take a peak!

The fracture clinic took ages, about 3 hours, cast off, x ray, see the consultant and then another temporary boot fitting, which I can take off for baths and resting. I can't tell you how happy I am about that. But its mighty uncomfortable and I need to check myself that I don't moan too much.

For those of you concerned about how hairy the leg was going to be really it doesn't matter because the size of my scars are more of a concern, none of which you see here. I also asked when all of this was going to go away, Mr Hatrick said never, and that I would always know that I had done it.

So now it time to make it the best leg and ankle ever, vitamins and minerals and oils and exercise etc, I don't want this haunting me in old age.

Anyway, we are all shattered and I have a head ache.
I don't think that I am ready for it to be summer yet.
There are a lot of people walking around not wearing many clothes but with too much jewelery on.

Night CM

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Super Saturday

Wool from the Martletts and bath bomb

Sleeping toddler and a new scarf
The yellow that was left over from the marathon blanket is being turned into a scarf/collar, but I have lost the hook in the last 24 hours so the scolloped edge and finish is on hold. I can't wait to sort the winter coats gloves and store them away. We have new cupboards upstairs it's going to be a treat next week if I can move around in a new cast.
G went to a meeting in London and I asked him to bring me back a treat, he bought a magazine, some crazy upmarket super cool interiors thing. He had another meeting in the same week and played it safe and bought me back a bomb from Lush. I love that if you really smell their products they can whiff of 17 year old girls on a night out, cheap hairspray, Impulse and fags, ever so slightly!

Tea is rarely enjoyed in this house, its a fight to hold onto the cup. I think its a sign that I need to drink more water.

Happy Birthday Poppy
We also went to a birthday party this afternoon, what a cool goodie bag and note the lovely handmade in the bottom right of the pic. We are all exhausted, just got to wash up the spaghetti dinner and then I think we will will be calling it a day.

Happy Birthday to my new follower, no3! hope you are having a lovely weekend, see you soon xxx

Friday, 15 April 2011

Not Happy

Here are three pics of an unhappy camper, I can't remember what it was all about but we had the same sad face at dinner this eve.
Chicken pot roast cooked by G, not her favourite meal and she had a chocolate cup cake thing that had been waiting for her all day but because she didn't eat her lunch either (egg mayonaise sandwich), she didn't get the cake.
Sad face was evident as soon as she spied the plate we all knew how it was gonna go. No tantrums she knows its her own decision.

As a child I hated the idea of stewed carrots, you know the kind, when the orange is that dirty colour, I love them now and go crazy (inside of course!), that she won't go near them much preferring an uncooked carrot stick.

What is it about feeding children, eat up or you don't get your pudding. You have to eat more to get more. No wonder we are a nation of fatties. And as adults we cook what we think is appropriate for that day, I try to remember that she might not be in the mood to eat that, just as I know I have a decision in what I fancy.

A while ago I made prawn risotto and she ate ONE bloody prawn, she did go swiftly to bed, she loves prawns, just not when they have rice wrapped around them. Lots of talk followed about how her tummy only had that one prawn in it to keep her full till morning, make her grow strong blah blah, a lot of work for one prawn to do.
Early in the morning she said she was hungry, do you know why I asked, expecting her to acknowledge she hadn't eaten much the night before, no, its because my prawn has gone she replied.

I just love her too much

Off to bed, foot feels like a balloon

I've got 2 followers!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Knittin Blankets

So a few years ago I started knitting a blanket, this is how it went.

Bought some sale wool from the local wool shop, it was Rowan big wool, needed to be sale, mixed it in some other chunky stuff with an idea to make the best blanket ever.

As a new knitter, started with squares that turned out to be rectangles.

Knitted them all in Moss stitch (is that how you spell it?).

Knitted enough rectangles to make a blanket big enough for a single bed or me lying on the sofa watching TV. I sewed the pieces together and didn't like it, I could feel where I had sewed it up

Undo the lot, rectangles and all, re think plan.

Learn a crochet stitch and make a blanket with the wool on a crochet hook no.4!! Yes, I now want a blanket that lets no wind through, like a rug.
For this size wool I should be using a size 10 hook.

Sure enough its a thick blanket but I don't like that I can't hide the ends and it looks just like those braided rugs from America that I love but I am still not happy.

Break leg and need a project.

What was i thinking with the yellow?
Can you see how tight the stitch is?

Undo the whole bloody lot.

Start and new blanket using the size 10 hook. The wool is a bit ropey at this point.

Decide this is the last time I'll fiddle with it, set to and get it done.

Much happier with the stitch
Like the teal boarder
Reminds me of a wall paper sample that I've kept
Finished, am I happy with it not sure, but it will go with stuff, I don't think I like stripes.

Time to finish that tank top

Saturday, 9 April 2011


So at my new favorite hangout, YouTube, I was looking for other fellow broken ankles, I found this guy, who has the legs of a teenager but is my inspiration and where I am heading.
(Takes 30 seconds for him to get going..dude)

Although my good friend Mrs K, not wanting to rain on my parade said she didn't think it was possible for me to dance like this before the accident so wasn't holding out much hope of it happening once i had the all clear let alone after 2 months post surgery.

But i need a focus!!

have a good weekend!

More Play

Custard cream outfit
I really am not leaving the house, and not watching the TV or listening to the radio, just knitting sorting through magazines so really i have nothing to say. G keeps asking me questions about the up coming local elections, are you kidding, the last news i saw was Japan. He has given me a leaflet to read on Europe. Is it time to come back to reality?

She's picked her summer dress
We were given this donkey when I left the NHS, it was donated to one of the wards but it was a brand new children's hospital and there was no room for a ropey old nag, I took him home with thoughts of covering him in a grey paisley and adding an orange mane made from double knit but it hasn't happend. should we keep him?

T doesn't have much of an appetite for dinner but when her favorite uncle of the moment came to look after her whilst G was at a meeting in London, he has expanded her food role play and she is now also bringing me meals on a tray. I love her so much, especially her serious face.
Her uncle has some kind of magic with her, of course i don't understand it because i am an adult, he is amazing with her.

Got another busy weekend, parties, new shoes for the baby, visitors, the food shop. Hopefully finishing a wool blanket. Desperate to do the garden.

Have a good one

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Monday - the day I've been waiting for!

P's Shoes
Super cute tiny shoes by my bed, with a toy tea cup. she loves these shoes it means getting outside.

But we have been just hanging out at home because Monday was my first day in charge of the girls on my own, but on Mothers Day my ankle didn't stay elevated all day so the good healing work i had done  was a bit undone. On Monday i managed to stick to my schedule until lunch when i fell over my toes in the kitchen and realised that i could do all the little things i had been doing last week, like hanging out the washing and putting away the toys and having a little tidy up but i couldn't do that and watch/entertain the girls at the same time. So I cried loads.
G quickly ran round with the hoover as my beautiful friend from America came to visit with her even more lovely baby boy, Papa, cried again when she got here, i always do when i see her and we all had a nice afternoon.
The following day and today, Wednesday have been healing again. Mr Hatrick my consultant had said that on Monday i might be able to start to put some weight on the foot, which i tried but my leg felt like it was on fire, so coming to terms with that.
The suns out and i just want to take the girls out, its getting me down.

Caterpillar and the cocoon
Too Lovley
Bored in the lounge
This is my least favourite game they play, its called stepping stones and no matter how i yell about my furnishings, this game repeats all the time they are bored. T was just hyper yesterday by the end of it she was just sweating.

I am just shattered
Tomorrow i will scrub the dinning room floor if it takes my last breath
Tomorrow is Thursday