Sunday, 6 April 2014

Linen Wash Cloths.

 A sewing post!

So yonks ago I started a mission to finish everything, something happened this week, I am not sure what but there are cream calico curtains hanging in the front bedroom and another project done, read on, I am on fire!

A while ago I decided that fragile tablecloths and holey pillowcases were no good to anyone stuck in a drawer and I wasn't going to turn them into a dress because I'd look ridiculous so I cut them into lots of rectangles and made only four flannels before shelving the task.

Years ago I bought a Liberty white cotton mitt, £4.95 and along with my Crabtree & Evelyn avocado soap I was happy as Larry. Well the mitt probably turned yellow and the bar moved onto face wash from Nuxe.
But I always loved the  mitt.

G has taken the kids to a play centre and this is what has got done.

Sort into pairs quickly, no pinning just get on with it.

Sew round three sides, turn inside out and iron.

Make the iron hotter. Finish with top stitching.

Bakers dozen done.

These work better on the kids, you can really get behind the ears, I've been using the four I made previously with great success, and they are nice cold when there is a temperature in someone. I think I am going to have to make more of an effort with the iron though.

I just emptying the washing machine, thinking back to the nineties if you rented a flat in London and it had a washing machine, in my experience you could pay an extra £15 per week in rent because of it. I wonder if that is still the case.
Long before wifi!

Kids home in a mo and everyone will be screaming and there are potatoes to roast.