Thursday, 31 July 2014

Happy Birthday G.

I know you are now over 30 but I'm not sure where but I don't think it is in the middle just yet.

I found this short film that I thought you might like, it's a free thoughtful gift!

Maybe one day!
And we could have a wood shop and a workshop and a campsite and a forest, a lake and Range Rover and dogs and a fire pit the size of a swimming pool?

Thanks for another great year and the girls love you too.

Suns out. Hurrah!


Monday, 14 July 2014

The Last of Rhodes.

These are the last few of my favourite photos from Rhodes, actually I put them on my desktop to load up here so long ago I don't know if they are still favourites.
I broke the iMac and its been in the shop, hence the delay in finishing this little report.

This is the only place I wish I'd gone, loungers close to the beach but in a grassy area, really quiet, like the sound had been sucked up and all you could hear was the bugs in the grass and it felt weirdly like a thunderstorm was imminent. Proper book reading no mans land.

Would you give £2 per month to help this poor middle class girl who along with her family was bitten to shreds, ouch poor thing. T has scars but hat could be all the picking and denial.

When we flew home at 9pm the girls were exhausted, tears from T because she needed more than anything to be asleep, she doesn't cry often so when she does the sobbing is a big deal.
I was pretty stressed, hot airport, babies stripped down to their nappies slightly delayed plane.

It all seems so long ago, we had a wonderful time and if we have the money to book another one then we will, I am fully sold on all inclusive with small children.
No cooking or washing up for a week, it's a no brainer. It's especially good while the girls are too small to prepare a lunch and are vaguely in a schedule.

When we got home the Easter bunny had left them a few smalls to be getting on with whilst G and I drank tea.