Monday, 30 May 2011

Catch Up On The Earlier Post

The left over chicken dinner with the garlic cream cheese that I made earlier was indeed not enjoyed by anyone.

At least we had cakes in the tin.
Have a nice eve


A Bleak Bank Holiday

These are some pics from my dining room that I took yesterday when the weather was a bit greyer than today, there are no more piles of junk anywhere, all upstairs in another room to be sorted and distributed. There may be piles of washing later, have you seen the weather out there, no towels drying on that line today my beloved racks will have to bear the weight.

Its half term next week and I have nothing planned for the girls I wonder if our local stuffed animal museum can cope with a visit from the preschooler and the toddler. I will think on it hard tonight and try and think of something great to occupy their tiny hands. I had hoped for a quick trip out to the shops I will go to Boots for ovulations sticks rather than Primark for ratan beach mats.

I am making something with left over chicken whilst typing this. Somehow this week I own a tub of garlic cream cheese so I am just waiting to see if those silly recipe idea ads on the tele are up to much cop.

Truly has discovered the joke and keeps asking Why did the cucumber cross the road? and variations on this theme and Why is the hens in the tree? then she asks you to tell her a joke back. If you deviate from this theme she says no, there is only one joke. Although she did answer to What did the cat say when he lost all his money? The shop took it.

I think I might be glum?
But, welcome follower Number 6!!


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday. Another Grey Day

So I was browsing the online style sections and found these amazing devices and thought they might be good for containing P.

This is in the UK in the 1930's

She has had a week of being a bit naughty, and a bit clingy which I don't think she needs punishment for but its a bit taxing when she is yelling at the same time!

Be good when I'm washing up

This dress I thought was amusing and would restrict me just as much and I don't want to trample on her

Luckily I was on it and it appears that she is pushing four big teeth poor thing so I have been extra caring. It means that she has been sleeping through the ache during the afternoons which in turn throws the nights out and she has been up and screaming.
I've realised that if I record her screaming on my iphone and play it back she stops and listens to herself horrified at her behavior and then when shes calm I show her mini videos of her that I've taken over the past week and she falls back asleep within half hour or so.
Its a method. Its also a bit tiring to do somewhere between 2 and 4 in the morning, but hey.

Fast asleep. All is forgiven

This her asleep the other afternoon she actually got angry when we tried to move her to somewhere more comfortable.

Also looking on line I found these lovely single beds, Eras of Style, based in Hastings and they are a comparable price to new beds to go into the girls new room which has ground to a halt in the decorating department.
I showed them to T and thought that she to would think that would look lovely, but no, she likes bunk beds. She is right of course. Luckily for me they are really much to big for the space.

But they are still on my mind and I feel I might have to shoe horn them into the house for a future project.

A much better idea
Further investigations led to this set up which I think is really neat which is where my head is now, still having a big clear out. Dining room is all furniture and no piles of stuff.

Just watched the Monaco Grand Prix. It was the most rubbish finish to the best race of the season, a race that was probably meant to be dull as dishwater.
Although I am new to F1 and think that Vettel and his team are extremely talented this is a shocking victory and we have been denied the dog fight finish that was folding out before us before the red flag went up.
Heres hoping Vitaly Petrov is well
!!!Go Go McLaren!!!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lunch Time Special

I think she looks really cute when having lunch and despite being so animated she doesn't say a word. Even with all the mess I am not sure she even ate anything.
But she is finally napping so who cares

Monday, 23 May 2011

This afternoon at the Homestead

Gone with the wall and in with new extension

Top shelf tins and a gift from South Africa

Tonight's dinner

Paper to decorate the girls room furniture

The last of de cluttering the kitchen process

Tonight's Pudding

My beloved racks broken by P - how could she!

Or shall we use this one?

Three favourite vases

I leave them going all day

Meddling in the sink

Maybe I should use ALL These instead

The clean art cupboard

Remaining fridge magnets
and now it looks like rain CM

Lemon Tart

Whisk all this together

You get this!
Our lovely friend Big G came to dinner on Saturday night and we had toad in the hole and lemon tart, another recipe from Bill Granger Basics. You have to take it out the oven when its cooked or slightly browned, I clearly can't see because this is too brown but not entirely cooked in the middle. Like lemon mayonnaise.

Tastes amazing, I had the last bit for breakfast this morning and then on my first solo trip out our local shops (woo whoo!!)  I caught sight of my unexercised self in shop window.

otherwise having a nice day decluttering


Thursday, 19 May 2011

This Last Weekend

So this Sunday gone was uncle G's Birthday, he was 30 again.
We went to his house for the BBQ family get together they live in Dartford we always get lost despite their house being close to the M25 turn off.
We ended up yelling at each other because I CAN'T read the map/satnav when traveling at 70mph.

We were always going to be late and we were by a couple of hours.

Traveling by foot I always arrive on time, get in a car, time goes out the window.

Who thought a bikini was a good idea for a baby?
Really, what are they?

Recently the uncles bought a hot tub, apparently it was there in the garden center on offer right there in front of them so they couldn't resist (spa membership would have been cheaper!) and have been having all sorts of fun parties with it along with the good weather and they couldn't wait for us to try it.

They kept the temperature sensible for the girls, apparently it can be dangerous for little ones. It has the bubble bit too, I don't have good pics of that but it is amazing and everyone seemed to love it. I didn't go in, with my wound site I thought it would be inappropriate, I'd feel funny if I saw someone get in a pool with whats on my ankle........just as bloody well too..........

This is the lid to the tub, good for jumping on
The leopard and the zebra

........because some of the guests enjoyed it so much and stayed in a bit too much that they got something called Hot Tub Rash and its not very nice!

Tomorrow if you are squeamish don''t read because I think I might tell all about my plates and pins with pictures, some of G's friends are calling me Ironside, I could never be offended it's too funny.

Four loads of washing done today, gotta love the weather!