Monday, 31 October 2011

A Bit of a Hollow Hallow.

Long time no post.

STILL not fully functioning in the neck department Dr. says that its a virus that I am recovering from and I have had lots of feeling better days but I think I am tense as I have realised how much anxiety has ruined my life over the past 10 weeks (not to mention 10 years) and I have managed to get myself in such a state over still not being fully up and running so I am still anxious and more so, sad.

Its difficult to lift the cloud.

Having said that I am loving the Autumn but it was warm here today and I am sure that I could have got a couple of loads out on the line but I was thrown with first day back at school after half term.

No picture, so you will have to use your imagination on this but T insisted on a high pony tail as close to the top of her head as possible with wispy bits hanging down. She has wispy hair anyway so I wasn't sure on the look. It was a cross between a mod and a Japanese warrior in blonde. she loved it and called it a 'chunkster sticker upper'
Ok I said and off she went
A chunkster sticker upper sounds like something a dog leaves on the pavement.

Walked out for milk the other day and it looked like this

Managed to bag up all the dead from the garden on Sunday, 5 bags of cuttings so ready for the frost, just got to sort out the pots.

We somehow managed to have four pumpkins to light this Halloween but my enthusiasm didn't get my decorations out which are more beautiful than goul but G carved these for the girls.

and this morning I sent these lollipops into school for T's class.

I am not sure what I feel about Halloween it certainly is all a rush so it might be nice to make more of an Autumnal celebration within the family especially as I am now loving the time of year.

Have knocked back a couple of pain killers so I am going up to bed and will feel fabulous tomorrow.

Who's started planning for Christmas?


Sunday, 16 October 2011


So yesterday we went to G's Aunts 60th birthday party on the Isle of Wight.

Normally we stay with G's brother and his family but due to a 'miscommunication' and our girls and myself not being well of late we decided to do the turn around in one day.

My mum came over and looked after the girls and we drove for the 5 o'clock ferry. The plan was to have a dinner date, go to the party and then get the midnight ferry home. I was really looking forward to spending time alone with G not that I wanted to be away from the girls or be romantic AT ALL but I viewed it like a mini adventure in a nice dress with my evening specs on.

Roads were clear sun was out and we made the boat in an hour.

I have been advised that fresh air makes you feel better so we sat out side but I couldn't really feel it but the sun was nice and I was controlling a little anxiety.

I have noticed that toilet cubicles are getting smaller especially in places where you have to carry a large bag. This is not the case on this boat, loads of room.

I love these houses on the approach although I am not sure what it must be like to see a ferry pass by every 30 minutes or so. It was lovely really peaceful evening.

G somehow found out that it was bring your own bottle so that meant stopping off some where en route which was fine, there was no way he was getting through the evening without some kind of strong liquid refreshment. Luckily for me as I was beginning to feel anxiously socially strange  and heading in to control mode he also said he couldn't face dinner out so we knocked the meal idea on the head and drove off the boat.

We do what all parents do which is have our long conversations in the car when the children fall asleep and despite their absence from the trip chatted away about all things and soon enough were driving in no particular direction. Luckily you can't stay lost on the island for very long.

Soon enough some Ale was purchased from the super market and just in case we couldn't face the buffet we bought G just a BigMac in the drive thru next door.

We were early to the 'do' so pulled up the car under. Reclined the seats and had a nap!!

 Utility day eye wear and a bit of gloss

Out with my man in my new night time specs

It was actually nice to catch up with those that we have not see for a while meet a new baby, see a blossoming soon to be mum and catch up on some news but it was also super fantastic to be heading home.
G said we could leave early because we always get lost on the way to the ferry terminal and end up yelling and driving at breakneck speed. None of which happened this time.

Tea was a weird treat in what felt like beaded cups, like drinking velvet tea. Odd.

And awful cheap sweet fudge was bought because I liked the box.

There was very little moving traffic on the road and we were home in a flash.

I think that is the island done for 2011.

We also bought on the ferry two small cloth rabbits for the girls which T got last night as she was up for a glass of water as we walked through the door and we also bought two small squirrels for stocking fillers which were found in my bag as they made their way down to breakfast this morning because they have eyes like hawks aaarrrggh!

Tired today

Monday, 10 October 2011

A New Week - Must Get Motivated

I think we are all in recovery from awful virus and it feels amazing to be outside in this Autumn weather the fresh air is really great and I like the feeling of my head being blown by the wind but indoors the same head feels light and airy and as if it will roll from it's neck hence the lack of motivation for anything other than tea and the sofa.

I asked the Dr. what is a virus? he said to me it was the name they were using when they didn't have a conclusive answer for a set of symptoms. You will be amazed how many people I know with a virus.

If you are ever vexed because some one bumped into you or is rude to you this is really funny.
It's called Poo At The Zoo

If you need Halloween costume ideas for a baby this was found online, I am sorry I don't know where but this baby must have a clever parent.

Sushi Baby

T still likes to wear the dress I used to

Our friend Polly is due to have her baby any minute now and we are super excited and both girls couldn't help but messing with the wool.

The baby is due Thursday and I have decided it needs a knit that goes form the under arm down to above the knees to keep it warm during feeding.

Like a cross between a swaddle blanket and a boob tube.

I think I am going to wipe out the kitchen cupboards I am worried that this virus is living in the house, T is now having a reaction to something in the bath it might be soap it might be cleaning fluid maybe the pH in the water is off.

Off to the kitchen to make good

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Still Bloody Sick!!

When we went to the Dr. for T last week he said that he could hear a wheeze in P and gave her some drugs and contraption that I thought she wouldn't get on with turns out she is having a whale of a time and has no problems inhaling which gives me chills for her future I can see her turning 15 and having no problems with a bong.

Like a pro
Poor baba she looks like shes in for it
She made noises like a rocket
Puts it together herself
No word of a lie, she stuck it to her face

So we have been treated to some sun shine and I am mentally wrestling with the fact that I can't adapt from Autumn mode and had been feeling guilty that I was unadapatable (is that a word?) and we were all missing out of a fabulous time.
And because I couldn't adapt it looked like we were all going to be stuck at home melting because this is what it looked like outside the back door on Friday morning

On Friday afternoon I went to the second hand uniform sale at the school bought ten shirts probably in no size I need and sat on a bench and decided to change life with as little anxiety as possible. That came in the form of throwing a tuna pasta salad in a bag with some yogurts and some orange juice and heading with the family down to the beach with towels costumes and money for the parking meter.

It was lovely just what we all needed. A couple of hours in the evening and the girls were shattered and could be put straight to be when we got home.

Earlier in the day further up the crappy end of town apparently it looked like this. Dreadful.

On Saturday the girls were dispatched to family as G and I got on with some important renovations but it was clear the P wasn't well she hadn't slept brilliantly and she looked a little blocked under the eyes and kept coughing.

Last night was a nightmare she just couldn't settle for anytime and we used the contraption, did the steam in the bathroom gave her all the medications and even hot orange. Her temp just went up and down in the morning absolutley shattered she looked like this poor thing

Poor thing

The plan today was to take the girls to Harvest Festival in the church across the way. We don't attend ever but there is a new vicar who is pro community and I am drawn to that. I thought that it would be good for Truly to see where a donation can go and I think she understood the concept. I have to say that I  had to pull my memories from school and the Wiki pages but we got there in the end.

Unfortunatly P was full of snot and pain and wasn't letting me go anywhere so T and I popped over the to the church to drop off our tins.
She put them on the alter upside down I think it was a bit of a blurr I am not sure she knew where to look first and I wish she could have stayed a little longer

Grandpa came to visit and we took the girls to the park for a picnic lunch and some air we still have a lot of congestion and I think that we might be in for another rough night.

I promised T that I would take her to climb a specific tree. Somewhere I thinks she thinks we are going in the early hours of tomorrow as she mentioned needing a torch so I am bracing myself.

She applied sun block to me today, so much that some of it is still not absorbed.

Well that was a thorough run through. I hope I didn't loose anyone.