Monday, 10 October 2011

A New Week - Must Get Motivated

I think we are all in recovery from awful virus and it feels amazing to be outside in this Autumn weather the fresh air is really great and I like the feeling of my head being blown by the wind but indoors the same head feels light and airy and as if it will roll from it's neck hence the lack of motivation for anything other than tea and the sofa.

I asked the Dr. what is a virus? he said to me it was the name they were using when they didn't have a conclusive answer for a set of symptoms. You will be amazed how many people I know with a virus.

If you are ever vexed because some one bumped into you or is rude to you this is really funny.
It's called Poo At The Zoo

If you need Halloween costume ideas for a baby this was found online, I am sorry I don't know where but this baby must have a clever parent.

Sushi Baby

T still likes to wear the dress I used to

Our friend Polly is due to have her baby any minute now and we are super excited and both girls couldn't help but messing with the wool.

The baby is due Thursday and I have decided it needs a knit that goes form the under arm down to above the knees to keep it warm during feeding.

Like a cross between a swaddle blanket and a boob tube.

I think I am going to wipe out the kitchen cupboards I am worried that this virus is living in the house, T is now having a reaction to something in the bath it might be soap it might be cleaning fluid maybe the pH in the water is off.

Off to the kitchen to make good

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  1. Hope poorliness is on its way out now. I just thought I'd share this really daft picture with you - another baby costume idea...

    Hopefully see you on Thursday x