Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Last Days of January

Well this month has been one of clearing out and I think I have done it as best as I can at this time.

I am just waiting for fine weather so I can do a car boot and earn lots of cash to put in the pot to help with the school fees.
Which I think will make me feel good

With a clearer work space I am making my way through little projects that were waiting my attention.

This is missing ears, the reins and the thing that goes over the nose. I think it's likely to look more like a camel when it's done.

Christmas presents again.  These are G's cashmere gloves, when he found that removing them with his teeth was more effective that using hands there was no turning back and now there is a big hole in the finger.

I'm nuts for these cards of wool. I have seen lots of illustrations of how to do proper darning but mines going to look terrible I can see it now!
I am not going out to buy navy. It's a no spend 2012.

I bought these little glow planets for T and I think we will put them onto a wire mobile.
If the girls go to bed early this eve then that is what we are doing.

We went to a friends for Sunday lunch and had a lovely afternoon and we are hoping that as well as a full belly we have also left with the Chicken Pox virus for P.
She has a bit of a fever but has been better today and has tried to get a handle on this contraption that she has yet to find out is a tricycle.

She has also developed this annoying noise a bit like a quick whining siren that she uses when she wants her own way.

So very quickly I had my results back from my thyroid ultra sound.
I have an enlarged multi nodular goiter that I will learn to live with rather than die by.

It's all fine.


Still feel like crap and want to be rid of winter virus so I can learn to manage the beaut.
If anyone reading this has or knows someone with a goiter and wants to share any useful info please comment in the box below.
It's all welcome

Have a lovely eve. It's snowing every so slightly out there!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Christmas Presents

Last Christmas our lovely friends brought this cool sew up kitty for T which she insisted on starting straight away.
I always think this is fatal because as predicted it didn't get finished and then stayed in one of may to do boxes.
But as that to do drawer is now sorted the cat is now finished.

These wonderful friends of ours are now a family of three and have started a blog of their own.
If you want to see them check out


This year a lovely friend in Spain gave me these lacquer foil varnish strips determined not leave it so long I had a five quite minutes in the kitchen and I had filed my nails in prep last eve and now they look like this.

So easy. From SEPHORA
It helps that I love the pattern.
Art Deco show girl an absolute a favourite era.

I hate that it will only last a few days
Boo Hoo

I got George to cut my hair off today.
With all the thyroid gland hormone anxiety it's pretty much falling out in clumps so this makes it looks thicker.........and greyer, which I suppose will need tackling at some point!

I got a book voucher for Christmas thank you to G's dad and bought this and then some more.  Actually more than double the cost.
Who isn't a nut for a book shop.
Will post what another time.

Shamefully I don't know much about Celia except I have some branded makeup brushes.
I am sucker for a good cover too.


Shame to put water in the pool

This was taken the other day I think that spring might be on it's way!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Where does the time go!

I seemed to start the week with gusto but before you know it, the time has vanished.
I might ask G if he wouldn't mind watching P tomorrow, and I can loose myself in the house and just bring it into shape. I kind of lost it with the sort half way down.

Good news is that my ear popped at lunch today and I can pretty much hear again. Three weeks of sounding like I'm in the bath wasn't fun.

Doesn't P look lovely, or is it my furnishings?
It is lovely when it is grey outside and she finds the blanket herself and gets cosy.

After the joys of Christmas she found her groove again and dropped her nap and wonderfully for all of us slept through from 7 in the eve.

I don't know whats going on now but she has decided to take a LONG bloody nap in the late afternoon.

and there is NO stopping her.
She will sleep anywhere.

Half past ten she was still going last night.

Tonight she was down by 8 so I am thankful for that.

This is what she looks like in the morning
Next week I'll crack her and the other one is waking up at midnight for no reason either.

It seems that they just want to cuddle up. G says I am like a homing beacon. So I put them in together in the bottom bunk and that seems to have made them happy.

I have a drawer full of sewing and craft stuff and for such a long time I haven't really had the time to get into a project so I just stuff everything in here. so decided to sort through and organise.

It's not finished yet but it is getting there

This collar belonged to my grandmother and it has been waiting for a garment since i was 17 - kind of sad
What was I thinking getting all of this stuff
Boxes from NYC
These were colour coded in glass jars and are now back in a tin - I've never sewn a button on anything!

Right I've got a cuppa and am off to bed
Tomorrows a new day

I'm quoting Chicken Little


Monday, 23 January 2012

Last week of January

So the first of the new years challenges are nearly at an end.
On the board I wrote myself the message that I only have one week left to clear the house of unnecessary things.

Those things being like these which I found in a dusty bowl up high in the book shelf
I hadn't finished cleaning and sorting it earlier in the month

I remember collecting them with T when she was much younger in a park close to home.
I have the memory
She doesn't!
and we can get more in the Autumn on another outing as she is now really digging the nature table.

I didn't maintain them in the bowl so they clearly were not that big in the scheme of things.

T also went to a birthday party this weekend at a BowlPlex!!

If you stood on the lino too long you stuck to it

I think that pattern carpet is due a comeback you heard it here first - maybe not so bright

G's eye popped out this machine holds all his favourite sweets

There were 23 children bowling all age 5 or under
in T's lane - 8 girls all having 10 turns and 2 bowls on each turn

It was like pulling teeth with a break for lunch in between

There were no seats for T to sit at so she decided to sit at a bar stool to eat her food but forgot she was up there and when she finished her snack turned to walk away and dropped like a sack of spuds
Was a bit funny if not a little shocking. No tears though!

The family should be congratulated for holding it together because it was crazy and their daughter was angelic through it.
I've not met her before she is in another class at school

Both ears are now blocked from the music and I think my virus relapsed through the experience.

Lots of children were taken home a little early but not T there was a game of ten pin bowls to be finished and won and she wasn't leaving until the job was done.

She did win because at turn 9 she was the last girl standing and to keep an accurate score I quickly got to grips with the outdated computer thing at the end of the lane.
75 points and we were out the door

I told G that she had won the game and you'd think he was celebrating wining a debate he lifted her so high in the air.

So onwards and upwards
Power through

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Birthday Sate Side

It's my friends birthday today although it might be tomorrow.

She lives in New Jersey and is stunningly witty charming and sharp in every sense and
President Obama should be pleased to have her.

I remember on a couple of occasions phoning, maybe she was on her way to work, imagine a packed red bus making it's way up through South London and singing Happy Birthday and at the end saying
"I've got the wrong day again haven't I?"
Very quietly she would say
"Yes but I look forward to it"

This is your birthday card that hasn't made it's way over the pond but has been on the dining room table for weeks.
P chose it no word of a lie.
It's a true representation of what's happened to the railways since you left us.

I might not manage it every year but Happy Birthday A.
I miss you loads
Have a great Sunday


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Walking the Dog

FMH came to visit.

I've smudged her face really badly out of the photo.
It's not necessary for you to see her although she is wearing a really nice scarf and actually she is only as tall as the door handle.

We went and walked the dog this morning and it was lovely to catch up because we don't see each other often since she was dragged north, I like to think kicking and screaming by her elegant and now seafaring other half.

I'm pro Eco Travel options but I could happily drive nothing else ever
Will walk here again. No one around which is my idea of happy
Woodstock made that grumbling sound that makes the earth tremor
because the hounds were out for a walk!

I had to go shopping later in the day for a present for a 5 year olds birthday tomorrow.
I bought loads of cloth and lots of books and it all feels rather lush but I don't know if any of it will be of any use which is typical of me!


Thursday, 19 January 2012


This little You Tube makes me love the weather and the birds.
It's 2 minutes to watch and makes me want to do lots in life!

Have a nice day


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ear Infection

Yesterday I was walking with P to get music group. When and empty hearse and three shinny black limousines pulled up to a stop next to me.
"I'm not ready!" I screamed in my head and my heart pumped fast.

They didn't want me, the engine had gone on car number two hence them pulling alongside.
The men got out and looked amazed at the situation I'd like to tell you that they behaved well in their suits but in their laughing they used the F word loads.
I thought it was unnecessary.


I went to see the Dr. to tell her that since mid August I don't think I've had three days straight without feeling a bit under parr.
She got the full history and when I left her not only did I have a prescription for an ear infection but also the kind words saying that it was rare to suffer back to back infections but it was possible and that I would beat it and to try not being so upset. I forgot to mention lots of things but it's ok.

Apparently my thumping pulse in my neck is also normal for a minute I couldn't remember it pulsating so much and freaked slightly.

So occasionally I can't face the supermarket and that happened this weekend. Yesterday I scraped together a fab lunch for T but I knew that would be impossible today. No bread no pasta no nothing.
So this morning she was sent to school with water and some chopped apple for snack and I headed out for supplies and then P and I scooted up to the school with the box.

P wasn't so keen to leave without T and pined for her at the gate.

Refusing to leave the scooter park
She got stepped for throwing the scooter down
Round the corner she realised she wasn't going to be carried home
Things looked up when she found a wall just her size to play on

Nice gardens to walk by
Still doesn't want to be pulled on the scooter and the time is passing and it's not warm
A full row of white houses looked nice in the cold - not that you can really see that here
She likes wearing her hat like this and walking
She changed her mind again
Nice tiles at the pub. P played on the outdoor furniture for a while
Before falling over in the knit shop - Nice shoes though

She then fell over outside twice, full foot to chin falls as well.
I picked her, the scooter, the hat and the beads up and carried it all home.

She is asleep on the sofa. will finish this and then poke her see if she stirs.

I think I might fight off pneumonia next.
Shouldn't joke last time a said something similar I broke my ankle and landed in hospital.
It's nearly  a year ago.

I am frightened to post those last sentences but I will because it will be FINE


Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Saturday in Seaford

So one of my favourite places for a quick indulgence is a small place called Seaford. It's got lots of residences but a small high street and some nooks and crannies to visit.
For one reason or another I have been planning a visit for a little over a year and not managed to get near the place and in fact the trip planned for this weekend was in jeopardy as G had to pop to a family event and it looked like it was to be again cancelled, no joke for about the tenth time.

I usually go with one of my lovely followers, FMH but yesterday the joy of my congested company fell to the lap of the lovely Lucy. Shall we call her L!

But my lovely friend and I squeezed in a quickie and I was home by one o'clock. 
Here's what we bought.

T is doing all things frozen this term and this has great pics
This photos is a map! A years stores can't fit inside a 6 man shed. You need to know where to dig for stuff in the snow. IMAGINE!
Is that an AGA?!
The OXFORD BOOK of CAROLS - Mrs Atherem owned this in 1961
It seems I collect these dolls it might not be PC but I am getting them all out at Christmas for a gathering
It's a double flat sheet - Could be a tent carpet or dresses for the ladies in the family

Half way down the high street I said to L that we needed to pop into THAT chemist, did I need cold and flu stuff she said.
OOOH!! and the rest. I don't know the name of this place but it has everything.

So much to look at!
It was so nice to drive through really frosty countryside and take a break from my brain and hang out with an adult who wears nice stuff and doesn't talk about Mamma Mia.
I had the girls last night Whilst G was a way. I am not the biggest ABBA fan but Truly wants me to make Mamma Mia (she's never seen it but has heard it) with microphones - no leads though so it is easier to dance. My head.

And today we took a brisk walk to the shops

EASTER is on it's way!

I'm such a bad mother.