Saturday, 21 January 2012

Walking the Dog

FMH came to visit.

I've smudged her face really badly out of the photo.
It's not necessary for you to see her although she is wearing a really nice scarf and actually she is only as tall as the door handle.

We went and walked the dog this morning and it was lovely to catch up because we don't see each other often since she was dragged north, I like to think kicking and screaming by her elegant and now seafaring other half.

I'm pro Eco Travel options but I could happily drive nothing else ever
Will walk here again. No one around which is my idea of happy
Woodstock made that grumbling sound that makes the earth tremor
because the hounds were out for a walk!

I had to go shopping later in the day for a present for a 5 year olds birthday tomorrow.
I bought loads of cloth and lots of books and it all feels rather lush but I don't know if any of it will be of any use which is typical of me!


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