Friday, 27 December 2013


Somewhere between October and November I put myself on the plane to Spain much to the shock of one of my oldest friends who with her family have made their home there.

It was beyond fantastic to be with her for a few days she is a light in my life.

I don't normally post photos of friends or their children, but hey no one's looking!

Many moons ago Señor B remarked that she liked it when friends came to stay and they knew what they wanted to sight see so with that I forwarded a list.

Plaza de Toros de las Ventas
Bring on those Bulls!
More to the point let me see that embroidery.

There is a museum round the back and we spent a lot of time, which one would you wear etc.
In the end I chose a black and flesh tone jacket that looked Victorian. The early examples are almost papal, reds, gold and ivory. Then Elvis must have come to town and the pink and turquoise make an appearance.

The construction of the garments is incredible and those that are soaked in blood, sweat and dirt, make your tummy turn even though they may be thirty years old.

You get the idea, every time a Matador is killed a new angel gets it's wings.
Bulls are treated like royalty, I like dogs, it makes me sad to think of the bull in the ring trying to find it's feet saying, Why? why are you doing this to me, you were so nice to me yesterday?

Lovely weather.

There was also fabric and shawl shops on the list, but we were a bit late arriving after closing time but I didn't mind. A trip to a Sephora ended with a mini haul of v expensive samples because Ricardo had spent some time in Milton Keynes and just couldn't help himself when it came to Tom Ford and top shelf Lancome.

Had this place been open I'd be wearing those shoes. Luckily I've saved 60 euros, and what the hell I'm creative, some navy ballets flats from the high street and raid the girls craft pom pom stash and a glue gun viola!

I spent the rest of the time walking and eating and talking about how you cook stuff.
I now know how you make the sauce with the tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, keep it simple and add butter toward the end of cooking.
I few with a small bag so stayed out of the supermarket.

Chocolate con Churros, done, and it doesn't need repeating.
It's a lot for the system, I went all out.

Then it rained, which I hear is unheard of.
So the flea market on a Sunday will have to wait for another time.

This last one is one of those grand old buildings where they are waiting for the last tenants to 'leave', before the developers swoop in.
It is all quite beautiful.

How many heads can you count?
I know! no photos!

I had a wonderful time being away from my own kitchen, I loved hanging out with the children who were tots when I was with them last. I think they liked me.
I never drink, but as I was out of the country, it felt good.

Señor B, walks. She made her legs long by walking. I thought I might need new hips are the end of it, but no I just have a new thought.
If you think you are walking, then you can always walk further and faster and it is good for you.

Thank you for having me.


Monday, 23 December 2013

And Happy 4th P!

Three is no longer the magic number.

You have been waiting for your birthday since the summer, we took you ice skating you hate it, again.
You eat lots of cake and love your presents but Toy Story's Jessie, doesn't leave your side and you promise never to leave her.

Very very lovely.

G has bought a new thing from the apple shop and I found these photos of you from this year.

Just so busy every day, getting a bit of a mouth on you too, a bit too honest.
You are running so much faster now, you use everything bit of strength to try and beat your sister.
Still super cute and I love hanging out with you still.

Lets love four as much as we did three.


Friday, 29 November 2013

Happy 7th T!

It's your birthday, 7.
The year has gone by so fast and you have grown so quickly.

I am so excited for 7 and can't quite wait for tomorrow morning when we can really get on with it, I don't even care that it's winter not even the weather is going to make me unhappy.

Despite my excitement,  and you are watching a movie way past your bed time, it's has been a long day and I am dropping with exhaustion. I need my rest because you are going to ride a horse tomorrow and I am dutifully going to walk behind you far enough to keep you safe but not to be kicked in the face.

Maybe that is a message for life.

I think for your seven I am going to try and see more at your level and I want to yell less.
Happy Birthday babe and as Daddy said over cake, you have a good compass T, follow it.

I love you


Monday, 25 November 2013

Nap In The Afternoon

P slept during the day and this is what happens afterward.
It was all very quiet.

Then we got stripey blankets and had a cuddle up on the sofa whilst she felt more human.
Proper little princess.

Lie down and I'll sing to you and bring you the moon on a stick.

That hair!


Friday, 22 November 2013

Need A Little Enthusiasm In Your Ironing

I bought a shirt.
It's an attempt to wear less cotton jersey but I haven't worn a shirt since school.
I've done blouses but not shirts.

This one is going to need ironing.

Recently I found this video and found it amazing and I think I am a bit jealous of his board, I think it is what made go out and buy the shirt.
Except my shirt has a really silly pattern and doesn't really go with anything.

I am happy with my Dylon it is now washed and hanging out to dry. I am going to iron it.
I have also deleted about twenty blogs from my sidebar. If I stopped reading them I might get more done.


A Few Photo's From Recently.

I saw a brand new baby today and she is petite and beautiful. I've never held anything so delicate.

Despite this I am in a head ripping rage.

Whilst something is dying in the washing machine I shall update this diary of mine with some recent photos and try and avoid some cutting remarks.

Around term starting, I dismantled the girls beds.
T is growing so fast and I am unable to cuddle her at night on the top bunk and I just hate that so action was required.
This is working out better for everyone and I like the way it looks.

G paneled the hallway which is working out great because it feels like the walls are being protected from grub, not that they were really getting mucky but it feels like it.
He also laid a new floor which feels really glamorous compared to the other one. Original and painted once too often.
The girls like to ice skate whilst sweeping.

There is still a piece of wood to add round the edge and the floor has to be finished to the kitchen. The front door could use some insulation and a few bits need painting here and there but we are in our busy season with birthdays and Christmas so not sure when it will all be completed.

T's knot thing got out of hand briefly the other day.

Went out for dinner with Big G. Love Wagamama. You can show my two fussy eaters what dish they will be eating. They were so well behaved and P loved being squeezed into a high chair.
Not quite ready to grow up.

My children I am sure are the only ones on the planet who don't eat pizza.
When asked what they don't like about it, because we can change the toppings they both agree in unison, ALL of it.
T went to a make a pizza party and ate nearly a whole pizza, then came home and repeatedly wrote out the pizza rules as instructed by the pizza chef and read them out in a slightly Italian accent.
See below

I should have known better.
G and I decided the following week to eat out, why not try Pizza?

T must have asked me a thousand times do they have pizza?
Yes, the place is called Pizza Express
But do they sell Pizza?
I don't like pizza says P.
That's ok you can have pasta,

You can choose three types of children's pasta. The one P would have liked she refused to have because the picture featured a whole basil leaf so she went for plain with garlic butter.
It didn't really leave the plate.

This is T asking me if I was sure they served Pizza sitting at the table surrounded by people eating pizza.
I explained the meal deal,
No just wanted the pizza
Comes with dough balls and ice cream.

Ate the dough balls and the ice cream but the pizza wasn't the same as the party place so we can safelty say that pizza is off the menu for the foreseeable future.

Can but try.
I had a specialty salad it was a real let down.

ooh I am in a mood.

The wash just finished, I am mixing a pale blue and a beige and hoping for a sludge grey, I got a blue green. Sending it round again with the remainder of the beige, it's dyed an even colour hopefully this will sort it.