Saturday, 28 September 2013

In the Forests.

Before we went to Arundel we went camping for a weekend with one of G's family friends.
A place called Dernwood.

You get one of theses, preferably with a good wheel.

Then you take all your stuff and take it through here to the field where G erected the tent.

We got there on a Friday and there were gnats.

Then it rained really hard all the time.

Eventually there was a break in the weather for an afternoon at some point and we all headed out to the famous Sheffield Park.

Not what I was expecting after everything I had heard. Vermont in the Fall maybe?
Obviously it's summer so things are green but I thought you pulled up parked and then wandered through this amazing tree wood.
This is an impressive organised display of species that looks like a 70's jigsaw at every turn.

I was ready for caffeine and then round a corner was this!

Honestly, the best thing I had seen all year.
I love a food truck and we just don't get that many good ones locally. So happy.
It had a black rubbish sack on the back in a proper holder not just stuffed in a crack with everything falling on the floor.
Decent tea too. Everyone else got ice creams.

Like the chair bought the plant. Mine isn't this big yet.

The last night it didn't rain and we were able to make fire outside.
These are the Christmas lanterns sent down from Scotland, finally all released although there was a power line across the camping field and it was windy so there were times I just had to hide my eyes terrified.

After years of badgering G to make small fires, so that we can sit near and keep warm he has finally yielded. This fire was a little larger as we were cooking on it for eleven and one of our party is a tree surgeon enough oak arrived in the back of a car.

Sandals and socks for P, I think she was just done wearing wellies.
Very cute.

I have luckily never camped in the rain and I have never seen this much rain fall at any one time. It wasn't that bad and I didn't moan but I started to re think camping holidays for 2014, we had one more camp to do this year and I felt as though I had spent the holidays in a sleeping bag.

Decisions to make about canvas.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Bad Mother in Arundel.

At the beginning of the holiday, we drove through Arundel, and I saw a sign for a Lido.
Really must see.
The weather was on and off all summer and the timing was rubbish but as the weeks rolled on I became more obsessed with going.
So mid week and a couple of days before term started I checked the weather and got Gareth to take a much needed day off and come on a trip out.

Morning was a wander around the town complete with lots of questions about when would we actually see this pool which wasn't annoying at all.

I know FMH! they are lovely!
Such perfect flip flops

Greysh paint everywhere, still like it.
Then the sun came out really bright.

So there are two pools the little one and the big one. The little one is cool but you can take it.
The big one is navy blue and is just on the other side of these railings. It is divided into two and the smaller of the sections has wide steps for the little ones to play on and is mostly mums and toddlers.

The thing to be aware of is that the big pool is heated. I have never experienced a successfully heating pool except for the one that I tried to labour in. This is not that hot but you can certainly spend some time in it.

There are picnic areas all round the pool and we took the shade under a tree but you could easily bring an umbrella, a blanket, small radio and be here all day.
In fact you ticket allows you to come and go as you wish.

G took a well earned nap and then joined us again in the big pool.
When it was time to go we took the girls for an end of holiday Happy Meal because I didn't want to end a perfect day at the stove and there was a restaurant not five minutes away.
The fillet of fish is still as dreadful as I remember it from twenty years ago.
Basically it's a fish finger sandwich which I had never realised having still never eaten a fish finger sandwich.

Why am I such a bad mother?
Whilst G had a nap the girls and I stayed in the pool for over an hour and I neglected to slather small chops P in sun block.

When we got home to shower I found this.

Such a bad parent.
I've made her wear T Shirt and shorts rather than dresses because I am so ashamed.

It's nearly three weeks on and X FACTOR is still there.

She looks so adorable.
Another perfect day out, the Lido is only open in the summer, it is well worth a visit if you are in the area.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Field Wedding

We went to college with Donna back in our teens.
A wispy 60's chick with a Doors tape that I might still have.

We parted our ways for university at 19, and saw each other very occasionally with those college gals and then next time to see her proper was in her BA uniform and she looked amazing!

Over the years I've seen her only briefly and she can pull a look together like no one else and at the Marks Wedding she wore the tiniest coral pink dress you have ever seen and she was stunning.

How happy were we to get an invitation to her wedding. Not so happy that my pictures are blurry.
Their wedding dance, At Last sung by Etta James.


That was the best cake ever eaten. You think it's the same Victoria Sponge all the way down.
Oh No!
We ate down to the lemon drizzle.
All in the details.

Couldn't be happier for this girl who it seems to grow every time I see her.
So much personality she could have entertained a music hall full of happy faces.

Congratulations to you both.


Monday, 23 September 2013

Afternoon Wander on the South Downs.

The girls were dull one afternoon and despite it being close to lock down, which is usually and hour before I start making dinner, when we stay at home, I thought what the hell.
Lets go for a walk in the country.
Well a bit of green field near a car park that looks really dodgy.

We were off to a rough start. T just wanted to ride her bike. I didn't feel like chasing after her and I didn't know where we were going so thought we could check out the terrain before bringing wheels in to play.
That didn't stop her asking why were we here then?

P didn't cross the stile first so sat down and threw one for a few minutes.
Then she was lovely.

Then they just made funny faces.

T does the Grinch or anything Dr. Seuss.
She brightened up about not having a bike when I told her about trying to find a four leaf clover, kept her busy for a bit.

Good choice to get out.


More Summer Hols 2013

I am watching F1 Singapore as I type, never good combo.
I think that Suzi Perry and DC are sharing the same wardrobe.

This is the first cake that I have made in Burlasconi it turned out not that bad.

We had lovely friends over from the IOM and the girls played so well with a lot of dangling in trees.

We went away for the night and stayed in an upmarket (dubious description always) hotel to celebrate a Ruby wedding anniversary.
But what a view. Dartford Crossing. Fascinating.

Jumping on beds?! Knock yourselves out.

Did I post this pic or just email it round.
Either way hanging out with these two is great fun.