Thursday, 30 May 2013

Recently Round and About.

T has been making knots again.

The modern Cottingley Fairy.

T crossing Zorbing off the list of things to do.

P not so happy that three year olds were not allowed in the Zorb ball she took comfort in the arms of her sister when I said I didn't believe she was five. I bought her a second ice-cream and promised we would return in a year and a half when she hits the right age.

It takes two years to make a sparkling Rose, honestly, think about it next time you open a bottle and chuck the remainder down the sink.

This years Easter baskets.

In another attempt to clear out forty drawers before 40, I hit the girls room.
Emptied everything either on to the bunk bed or into the hall. Wiped all the paint work, hoovered and then put back only the items that get played with which was less than half.

More knots whilst mountaineering.
T and I did a car boot a couple of weeks later cleared most of it and made £60.

T lost her slightly loose tooth by smashing it out on P's forehead. The other tooth is now even more wobbly and she pleads with me to take her to the dentist to get it pulled as eating is annoying.
T says she looks like Nanny McPhee. I wasn't ready for the change in her face it is all moving so fast.

P jumped off the sofa and hit the base of her nose on the coffee table. The blood that then poured out along with the swelling was incredible and over the next day or so she got a beaut of a bruise inside her mouth and all along the gum.
Amazed she still has any teeth after that one.

Lemonade stand at the community Spring Fair and home bakes at a coffee morning that I have started. The lemonade sold out but I am having issues promoting the coffee morning it appears I am not confident in selling myself and keep giving the cakes and biscuits away telling everyone the taste awful.
Oh dear.

I wanted one of these baths for ever. Don't think my behind would fit in it now.

P's first proper drawing, it's a mermaid.

What a bonnie baby boy!

Get this, 10 mins cost 3 tokens. Each token is £1.00. Bloody Hell!
It wasn't busy and we got about 20 minutes which is quite normal.

It is now half term, we have just come back from my first ever music festival. There is a city of Play Mobil in the lounge, T can now ride her bike, has new summer shoes and a chavy base ball cap that she won't take off. I am about to make a weekly menu before heading to the super market and at 7am this morning in the pouring rain I started Tai Chi again.
No silly suits or magic balls in this class thankfully.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Children's Parade Again.

Where has the year gone?

This time different friends slightly further down the road but still close to the Starbucks toilets just in case and a picnic planned for afterward.

My children's literature is not very good so I don't know what tale this is but I loved this red with the print lettering on, maybe I'd choose a different letter though.

The Steiner School is always worth waiting for, lots of straw, moss and felt.
This years effort was very elegantly creative.

Personal favorite.

Ever so often these clown fish hung back holding the parade slightly then the shoal would run forward which I though was a nice touch.

T and I did a toy car boot on Sunday and cleared £61 I think that I am going to open her first post office account this week.
Whilst we were sitting in our boot I chatted with an old friend who deals in silver, I call him
Old Steve, not that he is but he looks craggy and grumpy.
He had been watching the parade closer to it's finish but had missed it's splendor, the rain came leaving swarms of shivering children in T Shirts holding sticks with what looked like the dregs of candy floss which had once been something far more fun.

As the last story passed us I headed for shelter in the library as P had curled up and conked out on my shoulder. We abandoned our picnic plans and headed for home.

We had our lunch on the rug in the living room and watched Swiss Family Robinson all the way through with no complaints.

Another awesome day.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Charleston Farmhouse.

With P in pre school I can get out.
But only for 6 hours three times a week, it is amazing what there isn't enough time for.

But last week a birthday treat for the Nurse took us to Charleston Farmhouse. During the week there are tours from lunch which last an hour.
Previous visits I've looked at the paintings this time I listened to the story.
Oh what a life!

No photos inside, not even one of the foot stool or of dining room table that I fancy ripping off for home.
Luckily the sun shone brightly and lunch was lovely.

Great cafe, nice gift shop, watch the post FMH something pretty heading your way.
Next week I've got 18 hours and my garden is getting it I don't care if it pours it down.

T and I did a car boot this morning and shifted lots of toys, we hope to go an open and over priced post office account with our takings.