Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Children's Parade Again.

Where has the year gone?

This time different friends slightly further down the road but still close to the Starbucks toilets just in case and a picnic planned for afterward.

My children's literature is not very good so I don't know what tale this is but I loved this red with the print lettering on, maybe I'd choose a different letter though.

The Steiner School is always worth waiting for, lots of straw, moss and felt.
This years effort was very elegantly creative.

Personal favorite.

Ever so often these clown fish hung back holding the parade slightly then the shoal would run forward which I though was a nice touch.

T and I did a toy car boot on Sunday and cleared £61 I think that I am going to open her first post office account this week.
Whilst we were sitting in our boot I chatted with an old friend who deals in silver, I call him
Old Steve, not that he is but he looks craggy and grumpy.
He had been watching the parade closer to it's finish but had missed it's splendor, the rain came leaving swarms of shivering children in T Shirts holding sticks with what looked like the dregs of candy floss which had once been something far more fun.

As the last story passed us I headed for shelter in the library as P had curled up and conked out on my shoulder. We abandoned our picnic plans and headed for home.

We had our lunch on the rug in the living room and watched Swiss Family Robinson all the way through with no complaints.

Another awesome day.


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