Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In the Garden after the Winter

We have a small town garden that is rubbish for children. There isn't much in there but we are rather good at clearing down in Autumn so there is less work to do when the good weather comes back.

That was not the case this year, everything needing doing and without warning it was all happening.

Usually such a cheerful lad.

These chairs, two of them, have been in my family for 150 years. Out of everything handed down these are top ten, I've loved them. G says that they are and can be replaced with ordinary directors chairs.
They're not, they're not, NOT! WON"T WON'T NEVER!
Can you see the multiple uprights and the slight recline in the back rest and they weigh a tonne. They are just missing a cricket game.

Very damaged and past repair a sad moment taken to say good bye.

After much hard work it all looked calm again.

Very bad styling to leave the BBQ in the middle of the picture.

We've been really busy over the summer. Hardly spent any time out there and I am sure we have an Indian summer in us yet, but before that happens another day of hard work will be required. A forest has grown up through the brick work, all the flowers and shrubs have reached their peak and passed out. The bamboo could take a lead in Into The Woods and cats have shat on the fake grass.

Work is never done.


Pedulums at Brighton Festival

After her piano lesson much earlier in the year I took T to a freebie at the Circus Street Market. William Forsythe's Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No.2

PENDULUMS and lots of them.

We normally come home straight after lesson but someone has been asking for some mummy and T time, the weather was good, I had some energy so thought, lets go.

T needs a thorough explanation for most things, explaining spontaneity was exhausting.

 Initially nervous, but then armed with a set of instructions from the staff she got on with it.

Very happy bunny.

Then getting her out at closing time proved difficult.
I had to draw the line and make her focus on me as she looked a little possessed in the brain.

It appears she plays really well when there are no other children around.
Everyday she asked to go back eventually G took her on the last weekend, but she is still asking, when the answer is can't, she asks if we can go again next year.




I am still so far behind in keeping this record of our days.
I have to do it or I'd forget everything and I don't want that.

These are from the beginning of the summer or maybe even before.

Theatre in the washing line.

This is Freda Lavender. She is the other old girl that lives in our home.

Someone got freckles.


Monday, 18 August 2014

Some Stuff and LOOMS

The beginning of the summer holidays were hot and it was a relief when it cooled down, but now it feels a bit Autumnal out there. Talking with my mum today she agreed but also suggested that there might be an Indian Summer later on. I am not sure I can wait that long.
I have never experienced heat like it.
I think I might want it back. I wore long sleeves and a scarf today. It's August.

P had saved her money for something but once round at the shop spent her money one Loom Bands for T, who had brought seven single bands home from school the previous day.
There was love.
It was sweet but over the following days it resulted in this.

It's a craze and there are small rubber bands all over the house.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

No Warning at Wakehurst Place.

We went to Wakehurst Place for the afternoon, late lunch.
Been once before, more details here

I over heard the Nurse talking to her NCT friends that Wakehurst were now charging for the car park, I didn't think about it anymore.
It takes us forty minutes to get there, I am sure we go a different way to everyone else we know, and the car park is nearly empty when we get there.

I am not keen on gardens like this as lovely as they are, specimen planting I think they call it, I much prefer a more organic flow like Vermont.

But you just can't help trying to spot the perfect Christmas tree.

And then there it is.

We find the bee hives whilst following the sound of a lamb who honestly bleats as if being murdered That could be normal, I'm not so outdoorsy.

I finally see the Seed Bank, it is amazing.

A turn takes us through the Pinetum.
Could have been the weather but on that afternoon I know it was the most perfect place on earth.

Then we got a late light bite which I think set us back the best part of £20 and the kids were amazing and choose one of those plastic animals from the shop.


So we pay for that and the parking, £10! What!
When you drive in it does say in really BIG LETTERS

Free Parking for the first 30 minutes

Pat on the back!
This is nothing to brag about, you are giving information, what can you do for thirty minutes in Wakehurst Place?

I don't have a go at the woman at the cash desk, she looks like she has had enough but I am tired from the sun and probably a little short when she tells me it's £10 for a full day and I reply how much is it for half a day?
We don't qualify for that rate, we've been there longer than two hours.
Shocked AND wounded I tell her that I didn't see the tariff and she assures me that it is at the top of the ramp as you come in.

It is!

But you will probably miss it. It seems the only sign and you walk past it rather than toward it and it isn't flashing the most important information any normal person in the UK cares about.

I did stop and read it and sure enough at the bottom of the sign there it is written in a type size no bigger than 18 I am sure, £10.00

I should have taken the hint at the nearly empty car park and questioned what was up.

Basically if you are National Trust members you get into WP free with your membership but
Kew Royal Botanic Gardens doesn't get any revenue from this, something to do with the lease they hold that isn't up for another 50 years or so.
That Seed Bank isn't going to run itself so it's now pay to park.
I do feel for them.
We would have paid had we known the charge on entry. £10 is not terrible for a full day but most of us like to know the cost up front.

I've grown as a person, 10 years ago I would have driven up there parked and gone in for a wee, validated my parking, drunk a pint of water and gone in again. Maybe ten times just to try and make a point.

I am not sending an email to complain, because I feel like I'd be getting involved with people who don't think like normal people, who think that if you make such a change it is ok to take down the big sign that tells everybody whats happening within two months of it going up.
I presume there was a big sign at some point.

The lovely bits will stay a memory but the not cafe and the sparsely populated car park and not because they are over priced it is ultimately the service someone thinks you deserve.