Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pedulums at Brighton Festival

After her piano lesson much earlier in the year I took T to a freebie at the Circus Street Market. William Forsythe's Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No.2

PENDULUMS and lots of them.

We normally come home straight after lesson but someone has been asking for some mummy and T time, the weather was good, I had some energy so thought, lets go.

T needs a thorough explanation for most things, explaining spontaneity was exhausting.

 Initially nervous, but then armed with a set of instructions from the staff she got on with it.

Very happy bunny.

Then getting her out at closing time proved difficult.
I had to draw the line and make her focus on me as she looked a little possessed in the brain.

It appears she plays really well when there are no other children around.
Everyday she asked to go back eventually G took her on the last weekend, but she is still asking, when the answer is can't, she asks if we can go again next year.



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