Friday, 26 February 2016

F**** Me, February!

Updating this blog has felt like a real chore of recent months. The past year.
I need to remember why I do it.
To remember what we have done.

I think I liked the idea of others reading it but actually now with the age of the Super You Tubers, blogs are feeling a little dull.
Initially I was a great reader of all sorts of sites but even now I sink into the bath and stick on a video about which face cream will make me appear more youthful or even better a good Kon Mari before and after film which is still a rare find.

Blogs are not dying, it will be what I make it, I have to feed it to watch it grow hopefully.

With that I had a birthday in February and it was lovely, although I believe I shared it with International Cancer Awareness Day. What are the odds?
We had a clean house and I sat on the sofa and put all the flowers and presents and cards in front of me and sent the girls to school.
Then loved ones popped round and G made me a brick brownie, carb free and I drank loads of tea.

When did I start taking photos the wrong way round?

P continues to entertain me.

We also went to see a dolls house exhibition, I thought that there would be more to it but there were some gems.

I do have a collection of tiny dolls somewhere in the house, I likes the stitching and cloth on these. So delicate.

A very good polka dot. It's a bit prairie with a twist.

So!! Monday! There is a new National Newspaper called The New Day.

The typesetter who appeared here in January is working her fingers to the bone to make it look special.
For a while we have referred to this project discretely as the YKW.
The New Day title made me frown a little but this week as the sun is shinning its way into spring I like it, and today I am beyond excited for her and for its arrival.
The first edition out on Monday is FREE, so if you are reading this then please pop out and pick up a copy.


Monday, 1 February 2016

The January Clear Out

The Grand Chuck!

As it goes, didn't really this month, last month!
February already.

The shelves in our spare room were imposing and it was depressing me.
This is a before.

I've decided to group all my items, on one side and G's on the other, that way I can go through it all again and again and again.

Boxes came down and were reduced in size. Everything I could let go of went.

This is the after.

I don't think it looks that much different. What I realise that until I sort out the contents of the baskets, which holds twenty five years of cloth hording then it is never going to look 'minimal', which is where I wan to be.
Minimal for me is nothing that isn't in contasnt use and a small amount of items that define my character and history.

The Typesetter was with me at the time, in the excitement of the shelves I didn't manage to photograph her sitting chatting to me on the end of the bed, wanting to include more people I love on the blog, she was rather horrified at my collection of Amazon brown paper!

All neatly folded it's a defining item!

Like everyone I have a bag of wrapping paper etc. Last year I managed to use every last bit and now I can either buy a sheet as necessary or delve into the Amazon collection
The bag needed a sort, it was a bit out of control. 
I fear that the brown paper will never end so I might use the slightly waxed stuff to wrap the kids lunches.

Looking back at these photos I know I can be more ruthless.

In other news T got a gum shield for hockey and just for the hell of it P started wearing her wig.

Then it got cold. We have a small area of under floor heating in the bathroom, I think G left it on for a week!

He then taught the girls how to lay and maintain a fire, which they are excellent at.

They both sit close with their pokers ready for the crackle. T doesn't do the heat so well so really it is up to P to be on it.
Sometimes the odd spark flies and that's a shame because its a nylon carpet but hey ho.
Making memories.

Come on the dark days of Feb. this year I am ready for you!!