Friday, 26 February 2016

F**** Me, February!

Updating this blog has felt like a real chore of recent months. The past year.
I need to remember why I do it.
To remember what we have done.

I think I liked the idea of others reading it but actually now with the age of the Super You Tubers, blogs are feeling a little dull.
Initially I was a great reader of all sorts of sites but even now I sink into the bath and stick on a video about which face cream will make me appear more youthful or even better a good Kon Mari before and after film which is still a rare find.

Blogs are not dying, it will be what I make it, I have to feed it to watch it grow hopefully.

With that I had a birthday in February and it was lovely, although I believe I shared it with International Cancer Awareness Day. What are the odds?
We had a clean house and I sat on the sofa and put all the flowers and presents and cards in front of me and sent the girls to school.
Then loved ones popped round and G made me a brick brownie, carb free and I drank loads of tea.

When did I start taking photos the wrong way round?

P continues to entertain me.

We also went to see a dolls house exhibition, I thought that there would be more to it but there were some gems.

I do have a collection of tiny dolls somewhere in the house, I likes the stitching and cloth on these. So delicate.

A very good polka dot. It's a bit prairie with a twist.

So!! Monday! There is a new National Newspaper called The New Day.

The typesetter who appeared here in January is working her fingers to the bone to make it look special.
For a while we have referred to this project discretely as the YKW.
The New Day title made me frown a little but this week as the sun is shinning its way into spring I like it, and today I am beyond excited for her and for its arrival.
The first edition out on Monday is FREE, so if you are reading this then please pop out and pick up a copy.


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