Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pictures From Around and About

Biggest magnolia tree ever seen.

We are learning that trees that you climb are in forests not ornamental gardens and it's a hard lesson
This is what happens when you run after the man who paints the line for the cricket square

The car needed an exhaust box, I offered to become their 'cleaner'

Some one needs to work here one morning a week me thinks
More afternoon naps and she's becoming a chunk
T asked the sales assistant if she could buy the heart for her mum
Will climb anything
Flowers in L's hair at a picnic
Ahh! Thats how you make room for more houses on a medium foot print you just dig down deeper.
Tents in the lounge

Will spending the afternoon sewing labels on socks ready for next week.
Will also attempt to hoover the house from top to bottom and clean the bathrooms.
Unlikely that I will change the beds or tidy the last of the crap in the room upstairs it is more likely that I will make hot sweet tea and fall asleep in front of the DVD that I put on in a mo for the girls.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pick Your Own

A nice day out with a lovely family recently ended with fruit and veg.
Pick your own is a year round thing I did not know that!?

Strawberries were in short supply but we did ok because the children really searched for them.  Raspberries were abundant.
If I had a working oven I would have put them into a syrup inside a Victoria sponge.
Instead what we had were quickly put into milk shakes.

When we arrived there was an elderly lady leaving who looked like a home baker, she was everything you could imagine her to be, head scarf, floral dress and she had a box full of raspberries and you could see that each one had been 'picked'. Maybe she was making a tart where everyone would be on show or maybe she just liked working perfect produce.

I was rather excited by our visit, I was so leaving with a perfect punnet.

I have so much still to learn about children.

They just want to pick anything no matter what the condition.

Which means that you have to discard half of whats in your basket before the tractor comes and picks you up to take you back.

We had a really nice lunch by the carrots and as the children finished their food they were desperate to pull more stuff.
'You have to pay for what you pull up' and 'we have enough already' quizzed them.

I could juice beetroots, get some of those resulted in these.

They are still in the kitchen the size of human heads making me guilty that I've not done anything with them three weeks on.

I bought and academic year planner for the wall and school shoes for T this morning
It's nearly time!!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

End of the hols is rolling in...........

I had a 6 month check up ultra sound on the goiter last week and I left the girls with Mrs K who lives quite close to the imaging dept.

Obviously I needed to use the bathroom before the appt. and as I went up the stairs I could see into her daughters room.

Oh how lovely M!

I didn't get a good picture of the BIG Edwardian wardrobe which also makes this room so lovely, how stupid of me and they are a bit blurry but that could be the light or the full bladder.

The owl peeking out from the blue box
I like how cool in temperature it looks inside. It has a real 1930's feel and nicely stripped back of clutter, something I've yet to achieve upstairs in the pink room.

Goiter appears fine with very little change from last time I am not concerned.
 But this computer has been on the blink for a week.

Yesterday I counted the days till school starts. 15!!!
Where has the time gone, I have been exhausted by their behaviour on more than one occasion but I have not wished the time away.

So for me that is two weeks to achieve a feeling of a great summer holiday and two weeks to prepared with school uniform and shoes.
In there we are away visiting friends.

Today was a strange one it felt like the beginning of Autumn there is that chill that you expect with the season change and I am out this evening and I might put a jumper on.

However I still think that it is going to be roasting on September and maybe some of October.

This made me laugh, I cleared out the cleaning cupboard. I am always annoyed that I can't find the detergent holder that goes in the machine and get angry at G as it always seems to go missing when he hangs out the washing.

It appears I have lots of them!
Not anymore, I have three, more than enough.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Afternoon Naps

We are in a really good run of P in her bed at 7.
Last night G took them up for stories and left them there to fall asleep all on their own.

Surely we are not the only family where mother is the one to do the majority of the bed time routine, until this summer holidays where I have insisted to all three of them that this routine will change.

Today when prepping diner in the kitchen she fell asleep just before 5


All this tampering only resulted in her shouting turning and hunkering down in a ball.

It's like damp plumbers hemp.

She did wake and eat a large dinner followed by two scoops of strawberry ice cream, then as I gathered a bag of crap from dining room table she announced

I can't find it!!!!

What can't you find?????
Let me see your nose.
I could tell it was lilac which was lucky, but how was I going to get it.
I couldn't face the hospital.
I have tweezers with a light on them in the first aid box but they wouldn't reach that far.
I tried pushing it back down from the outside.
There is no struggle from her just a look of pure innocence after all this isn't her first time.
I tried inhaling her nostril, didn't care about the snot, NOT going to casualty.

I pressed in her other nostril and T yelled BLOW THROUGH YER NOSE
As there is a hole in the bead she whistled!

Third blow it shot out across the carpet.

And now it's time to wrestle her to bed
I do love her!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Over the Weekend

Despite P being in more of a sleep routine, that means in bed by 7 maybe asleep by 8:30 and still awake in the morning by 5 she still has to do plenty of this in the afternoon and there is still no stopping her.

Will just have to ride it out.
I can't remember back as far as Friday but I now at some point I watched this.

These three men gave the greatest post race interview and whats more stopped talking to observe another national anthem in the playing in the back ground.

I am also astounded by how much post race vomiting is caught on film, see the rowing for that!

G and I thought we'd watch the closing ceremony with a take out this eve but have cooked pasta instead as we both feel there is not a chance we will be awake gone 9.

My mum and W took the girls out for a few hours in the afternoon and to be honest most couples would probably go out for coffee and spend some quality time together we now have a tidy house which means that there is calm all round.

 Before too long they were home and they still had these faces on for most of today.

Last night was dinner out at a grotty end of town.
Meat was served and the customers were rowdy.
Not us, we were very media middle class and left pretty much before digestion kicked in for a more civilised corner of local.

I finally had a Burrito! I am not that bothered by them!
This an armadillo egg, was that it?

I think it is melted cheese inside a jalapeno pepper, covered in mince and wrapped in bacon. Delivered in sauce.

Today we had a wander by the river. There are other better places to explore on other days I think.
Places with less dog mess.

Then it was back to watch the Rhythmic Gymnastics.

I think I might have tendonitis and might make a Dr. appt as it is not getting better.
Lots more ice and painkillers this eve.
And G would prefer a little less moaning about it.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Pleasure Park

When we used to fly to the UK to see my Grandma, my mum used to take me to the pleasure park, so late 70's.
I remember lots of grass and not much else except for this small plastic yellow house with an orange roof and a shiny metal slide that came out of the upstairs window that wasn't very high.
I'd never seen anything like it, blown away.
No other children around and the weather was Autumn!

Sunday we thought that we would take the girls out for a run and a bit of fresh air, with the emphasis on spending not much besides parking.

I'd been defrosting the freezer and running down the fridge, not to mention avoiding the super market so it was croissants with ham and a tomato between the four of us.
A bottle of water and four crappy apples.

The pleasure park has been re fitted.

But I think that this is the last of the concrete paddling pools on the south coast. If I had a huge garden I'd have one of these put in I love them.

Not so sure about these.

The girls could either choose between an ice cream or a ride on the train. They chose the happy train which blast nursery rhymes out of a speaker, G chose to nap on a bench.

We came home and used the last of the frozen fruit and yogurt to make lollies in the Zocu.

I am so tired watch too much Olympics I am struggling to keep up with watching it all.

Go Synchro