Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Pleasure Park

When we used to fly to the UK to see my Grandma, my mum used to take me to the pleasure park, so late 70's.
I remember lots of grass and not much else except for this small plastic yellow house with an orange roof and a shiny metal slide that came out of the upstairs window that wasn't very high.
I'd never seen anything like it, blown away.
No other children around and the weather was Autumn!

Sunday we thought that we would take the girls out for a run and a bit of fresh air, with the emphasis on spending not much besides parking.

I'd been defrosting the freezer and running down the fridge, not to mention avoiding the super market so it was croissants with ham and a tomato between the four of us.
A bottle of water and four crappy apples.

The pleasure park has been re fitted.

But I think that this is the last of the concrete paddling pools on the south coast. If I had a huge garden I'd have one of these put in I love them.

Not so sure about these.

The girls could either choose between an ice cream or a ride on the train. They chose the happy train which blast nursery rhymes out of a speaker, G chose to nap on a bench.

We came home and used the last of the frozen fruit and yogurt to make lollies in the Zocu.

I am so tired watch too much Olympics I am struggling to keep up with watching it all.

Go Synchro


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