Sunday, 5 August 2012

London Is The Capital Of The World!

So a spectator said on the radio when asked about the events at 2012 yesterday.

Certainly in this house we are feeling very Olympic.

G and I are watching all the coverage, all the repeats and all the highlights. I think I am sleeping for about 6 hours.
It's pure indulgence.

During that horrid flu virus last year I pretty much stopped watching TV only selecting anxiety appropriate programs and films, I couldn't even watch One Born Every Minute and still can't.
These Games are addictive and I am loving it.
I am not going to be sad when it ends because there was an advert for the Great British Bake Off which I think must start when the Paralympics finishes and I am sure that 'Strictly' will then take me up to Christmas and that's all I'll need!
To give you an idea of where I am at, I watched something great about the Amish this week.

We have a nice but used car with no air conditioning and on a hot day it is blistering to get into.
Despite laying linen towels on the girls car seats the fastenings can burn to the touch.
I bought two of those sun shades for the back window.
I hate them.
It's the images that they put on them. I've bought expensive plain ones in the past but they were bulky and fell off repeatedly.

I've sewn muslin over the top of these cheap ones, not very well the machine didn't like the wire frame but close up I like the homespun sewing.

You can still see the crudely written Back Seat Driver through on the reverse, I hate all that 'Princess in the Back' business.

I am not overly keen on displaying a happy personality on car accessories but I am sure that the pink will bleach out in the sun.
Job done, actually I've run out of bias binding so the second shade will have to wait to be finished but I did start this in March so another week won't hurt.

I've started gathering some bits for presents for the girls, yep, like some other mothers I know, we are thinking about Christmas and in my case winter birthdays too.

Back in the mid 90's I worked in Army and Navy on Victoria Street and my sole job was to gift wrap stuff, working closely to Parliament and the Palace I've wrapped stuff for them too.
One day I wrapped 80 boxes of Ralph Lauren Safari in under an hour, with folds and no visible tape, I'd get medal for that.

I had a uniform to wear and I bought this top in the Warehouse sale for £9. It looked fab with the required black pencil skirt, it was quite loose fitting and just made me feel a bit classic and not like I was trying to hold my life together at all.
So of course after a short time I shrunk it at the laundrette.

I am  still not over it.
I've kept it all this time.

Now I have  a daughter who likes a plain biscuit especially a shortbread. So the high street shrunken knit is to be turned into an crafted woolen biscuit pillow for either birthday or Christmas,

Those strung beads I've also had for a long time. I think since I was fourteen.
There is a scene in Pretty In Pink where the mean girls are shopping for prom dresses and declare that everything is TRASH!
In the background is a silver lame dress hanging on the wall, Why didn't anyone try that on!?
I bought those beads because they reminded me of that dress, did I think I was going string myself a frock?

I have two other blue jumpers with equally daft history they are for P, she is getting the moon.
What else would she get!

These are awfully long posts of late.


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