Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Quiet Birthday for G

Just because of work and some stress with the house G didn't want a big deal for his birthday in fact last week he looked worn down and if I had treated him to a show up west, it probably would have killed him.
Not that I would ever do such a thing anyway.

But I thought we could do with a change of scene so yesterday with some home made bunting and some balloons the girls cleared away their toys and a quick whizz of the Dyson we made it look like we loved him!

The weather was suitable for a quiet birthday nice and grey.

Me and the girls got up at 6am and after breakfast both of them sat and made cards.
I've taken to reading or quiet time in the kitchen after they stumble out to let their cereals and porridge go down.

I put a bowl of G's favourite together along with some pastries from the Patisserie and bless her, mini waitress carried them up three floors.
Then back up again with a basket of presents.
All very bleak and all very quiet.

I love how P has her eyes closed for the suprise

A nice jumper, a book of ariel photographs, domino's from the girls. The family have put some cash together and binoculars for looking at the night sky will arrive tomorrow.

Then it was of to the super to buy cake and dinner for this eve and the rest of the day was spent watching the Olympics, stringing beads resting and browsing books as this pesky cold is washing me out.

T was so helpful I let her light the candles she was so happy to be doing something for the first time that she nearly cried!

Where does the time go. Everyone who knows me says it seemed to take years for G to reach thirty he seemed to be in his twenties FOR EVER!
Now it's flying by.

Happy Birthday Dear


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