Monday, 30 July 2012


So we are on summer holidays and it is safe to say the the girls are driving me mad.

There was excitement to see the torch. Walking with close friends to our chosen spot felt like the town coming out to see the turning on of the Christmas lights. We caught a glimpse of it in two towns which was nice and T got to ride on the bus I think that might be the highlight.

 This is our torch bearer!!

My girls get up around 5 or 6am and I decided that rather than waiting till late morning to take them out we would get moving before eight and come back before ten then hang out and go out again late afternoon.
But I have not always got my timings right. I have been looking at the tide times to see if I can catch a bit of sand at the beach.
So there has been a lot of this.

If I can get the tides early enough then I think we might try lots of beaches along the coast.
Only problem is there are a few nutters around either waking up from the night before or still going looking for a party.

I am the last person that you will find in Macki D's, but I have found a small place for them in my parenting and due to a play time running on and the need to find a high street chemist for blister plasters we ended up in one.
Neither of them wanted hamburger but ate them and I sat quietly for 20 minutes.
Except for the 100 other people in the room and the thumping music.

They covered the front steps in 'side walk chalks' and I could do with finding the ironing board for my table cloths and napkins.
Some poor bloke put his machine through the water pipe! 

When will my girls sleep for longer?
It is getting harder to get P not to take extraordinarily long naps late in the afternoon, she does get up from 5, even if she has gone to bed at 7 or 11.
There is no stopping or waking her
I think I've got about another 6 weeks left of her routine.
I'm not sure what I will do then but something will have to break, it is bound to be me.

P is difficult to walk with. T will wander along with you and you can have a chat and look at stuff.
P is a runner, she isn't being naughty (she is) but she is being dangerous. There is a fine line between the two.
So it is either hand holding and yelling or running and chasing her and I am not sure which is worse but I am not running after her.
It's worth noting that P ditched her buggy before she was two preferring to walk and it's the speed of her legs which can be the problem.
And it isn't as if I can never leave the house with her.

I am well aware I am loosing valuable time with T when I am dealing with P which is a bit sad if I really think about it.

So for our last two trips out I have insisted on hand holding or naughty step, T has gotten on board no problems but P will last about 20m before attempting a run.
When she is holding my hand she is grabbing stuff with the other, jumping on drains, dangling from my arm, pulling etc.

She sat here for 20 minutes following numerous refusals to hold my hand and then fell asleep on the pavement. It's annoying, we were on foot and I was following their playing lead, we were popping out for a book going via the beach and they turned this into a two hour play session going through a couple of parks.
I thought it would be fun.
Then they were too tired to walk home and the heat was unbearable and it was all such a disaster.

We are about to walk to town for a small gift for G's birthday and I am getting out the reins that have up until this point been redundant and see if that helps the situation.

I have not had a working oven for a few months and this weekend I found this recipe and had been reading over and over again dreaming of a bit of alone time to bake something. But we have some bloody damp on the side of the house and I think the oven will be put off in favour of some scaffodling instead.


I also have a heavy cold and a sore thumb that means opening a jar or driving is painful.

double aarrgh!!


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