Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Eldest is Four


Her MerMouse

New Kite and Rash

when she was feeling a bit rubbish this week i put her to bed and told her how much i love her and that she was my most precious thing, blah blah and that my heart was just so full of love for her.
"its not all about you" she whispered back
i did really laugh

mermouse has been a big hit this week, shes been everywhere and the dinosaur, (shes holding the plastic egg in her other had) well we thought it was pretty much hatched and then daddy just had to check with a hammer and bust it from its casing, it has an under developed foot so he left it in a pint of water to see if it could be fixed but no. i think she was hoping for an actual dino, so think it might see the bin soon if i get sick of moving or picking it up off the floor

yesterday she bought a kite with her dad, half term treat, and if there is wind today i fear i will be outside flying it with them, again its grey. she has a viral rash and has been unable to sleep it off which is our usual cure for it, it just keeps appearing Dr said come back monday if it still there, will see about that.

house need a spring clean i am in that annoying state of mind where i am too shattered to do it but it fucks me off to look at it

lets see how the day goes
regards CM

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

i like this.

Limited Edition, lovely.
Its so grey out there

where have we been?

Stuck in the house with fever and colds and snot, lots of snot in all shades and the girls are still streaming. the mister has now come down with congestion, i think i am being a lot more sympathetic to him than he was to me during my TWO week illness. but who wants to quibble.

He took the girls to the park yesterday or the day before it was all a blur just for some fresh air and then they went to our local bones and feathers museum and we are currently waiting for our dinosaurs to hatch from their clear plastic eggs (bought from the gift shop), when T tells me we will have a naming ceremony, just like the one in Brambly Hedge for Rose, Pipkin and Buttercup, stay posted for names and development up dates. when they got back P was flat out asleep so to keep T occupied we went through my scarf box, i don't think she has seen it before.

my mum always wore a head scarf (big sunglasses too) out and i have so many memories growing up on the south coast, of elder ladies in macs wearing head scarves, will i ever pull it off or will i always look like Grey Gardens? Get the Pate.

see ya
regards CM

Friday, 11 February 2011

A "so much to do weekend"

my neck got worse yesterday eve at one point i put my head back against the cusion and it got stuck i called for help but needed to wee so rolled out of position and popped to the ladies.

both girls, T and P and myself have night coughs. although my cough is there only if i force it, which i haven't been doing and this is its third round since the winter, i keep sending it away with thoughts of no time to be ill but it keeps coming back with a vengence i am allowing it in this time as i think if it comes back again it will knock my socks off.

any how, with the neck and the night cough, i woke with a fright in the night, thought that my number was up, sore neck, hot, dizzy and slightly bleary but actually it was the heat from the wheat sack and the feather duvet and the illegally sleeping children, still, a bit scary all the same

the neck pain i now think is from carrying a table upstairs, a nice old victorian table bought at the auction last week, deceptively heavy. it feels much better today just stiff.

no more about it

this weekend i am trying to put up some valentine decorations, T recently asked me what love felt like i said it felt like when she was happy, eating chocolate cake or camping she really got on board with it and now when i see her face catch a moment i ask her if she thinks it feels like love, which usually brings a smile
so i made a paper garland will try and make some more and other paper bits, maybe some biscuits and a simple cake for over the weekend and monday. i tried them with jelly again today they probably ate a tablespoon between them so maybe that won't become a valentine tradition

the girls didn't like the pineapple pieces, typical.

i started a blanket on monday and here is it finished, my oldest friend in the word is due a baby on the 14th and i am hoping this might keep her warm still a few ends to tie in but i think its lovely, pictures again don't do it justice its chocolate brown and not such a bright pink, bloody February light.

Baby Bovington's Blanket

i have to overhaul the house very quickly as we have been decorating and need to clear a room for a long time no see friend coming to stay next week
we also have a guest on Sunday so maybe we will make an event of lunch, i am rather excited to meet him, a friend of G's

have a nice weekend
regards CM

Thursday, 10 February 2011

wednesday, late already, its thursday.

grandpa came to see us on monday eve, its been his birthday too. i baked these in the afternoon its an egg free sort of pancake mixture, with a lot of melted butter, not as oily as you might think, then into a mini muffin tin and raspberries added, real easy and really tasty.

i made up a half batch and there were lots, i also improvised with lemon curd when the fruit ran out
the recipe is over at the

(her blog looks/is a lot better than this one, don't abandon me yet, I'm still learning)

Raspberry Cobbler

tuesday afternoon, P tripped into the lounge and banged her head the lump came up so quick it was like watching the weather map high low pressure cloud traveling onto her forehead it just kept getting bigger and bigger, should i call 999? dialed NHS direct. so very helpful.

these are the pictures of the bruise last night, still a lump but less egg shaped.

rubbish photos taken on my phone, the light is not good so all a bit blurred, i can't help thinking she looks overly cute in her pj's that are clearly too small, she just went to bed in the bottoms as i didn't want to have to deal with lack of circulation in her arms for real.

what a bruise, better than a dent.
cute but too small pj's

i have such a stiff neck this morning i can barely move it without groaning, our girls have been sleeping illegally in our beds this winter i think one of them broke my neck in the night. the limited movement is annoying. no doubt I'll be cross by dinner.

its raining and grey.
regards CM

Monday, 7 February 2011

First Monday

great weekend, although officially not pregnant, never mind, will try later in the spring, but did feel a good half stone lighter on Saturday when i tackled the super market. in the afternoon i helped an enormous amount painting the new wardrobes and on Sunday I cleaned the inside on the car. great lunch on Sunday eve cooked by G and i bathed the girls which meant i missed Songs of Praise, which has become my new obsession since catching the Christmas special and i can't watch it on i player, it has to be when its on or the magic just isn't there.

sick of looking at it?

i shop in Waitrose usually the same time every week can get it done in a short time and always manage to spend a fair amount of money although not on the stuff that makes Waitrose expensive. i think both sides of my family think i am snobby for not going to tesco asda or lidel but really i think that it is probably all the same price when you are getting loo rolls bread cat food washing powder etc, i am sure if they look closely at their bills and see that by the time they have bought that bargain duvet set, roof rack, storage boxes/jars or on sale cardi boots slippers shoes their bills are probably a few pounds from where they should be. waitrose is my local i would have to spend more to go to a cheaper supermarket and i like the peace that you get in the isles at 8 in the morning

anyway last weekend i was in dairy when i looked at my trolley and realised that i would be putting all my shopping away in the cupboard on top of all the stuff i never use and i would have to look at it all again, so depressing. i don't keep anything just in case, if i suddenly need to cook something for guests then i nip out and buy fresh and its the same every week. so when i got home i got a nice basket and got rid. can't recommend it highly enough it was like getting a really good hair cut i can see whats in the basket i can quickly clear it or chuck it depending on how i feel, i am never going to make a lasagne but i probably will make jelly, but i wouldn't have done if it was still haunting me in the cupboard.

this week i made a menu of everything that i planned to cook, well i tell you i saved £25 and i can see everything in its place when its packed away lovely! Give it a try.

despite all this fantastic feeling, this is what my kitchen looked like shortly after lunch today.
(i haven't been robbed of doors i still haven't found what i'm looking for)

it's 90% better as i write this!

regards CM

Friday, 4 February 2011


so here we go, i have been here before lets see if i can stick to it, can i manage to post three times a week?

its my birthday today, i am somewhere in my late thirties, friends are too polite to enlighten me as i would rather not know. with all the commotion of Christmas, February, which is an awful month comes round so quickly i almost can't be bothered, my lovely family so want to make an effort and i just want to hide underneath the duvet, in the middle is compromise. there is a little crack in the heart that i've let it pass by for so long maybe i will make more of an effort when i turn 40.

so i thought i could write the things down that i would like to get on with this year and maybe i would follow through and get some stuff finished, nothing exciting just a little parenting, crafting cooking and playing

happy reading
kind regards
Catherine Mey