Thursday, 10 February 2011

wednesday, late already, its thursday.

grandpa came to see us on monday eve, its been his birthday too. i baked these in the afternoon its an egg free sort of pancake mixture, with a lot of melted butter, not as oily as you might think, then into a mini muffin tin and raspberries added, real easy and really tasty.

i made up a half batch and there were lots, i also improvised with lemon curd when the fruit ran out
the recipe is over at the

(her blog looks/is a lot better than this one, don't abandon me yet, I'm still learning)

Raspberry Cobbler

tuesday afternoon, P tripped into the lounge and banged her head the lump came up so quick it was like watching the weather map high low pressure cloud traveling onto her forehead it just kept getting bigger and bigger, should i call 999? dialed NHS direct. so very helpful.

these are the pictures of the bruise last night, still a lump but less egg shaped.

rubbish photos taken on my phone, the light is not good so all a bit blurred, i can't help thinking she looks overly cute in her pj's that are clearly too small, she just went to bed in the bottoms as i didn't want to have to deal with lack of circulation in her arms for real.

what a bruise, better than a dent.
cute but too small pj's

i have such a stiff neck this morning i can barely move it without groaning, our girls have been sleeping illegally in our beds this winter i think one of them broke my neck in the night. the limited movement is annoying. no doubt I'll be cross by dinner.

its raining and grey.
regards CM

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