Friday, 11 February 2011

A "so much to do weekend"

my neck got worse yesterday eve at one point i put my head back against the cusion and it got stuck i called for help but needed to wee so rolled out of position and popped to the ladies.

both girls, T and P and myself have night coughs. although my cough is there only if i force it, which i haven't been doing and this is its third round since the winter, i keep sending it away with thoughts of no time to be ill but it keeps coming back with a vengence i am allowing it in this time as i think if it comes back again it will knock my socks off.

any how, with the neck and the night cough, i woke with a fright in the night, thought that my number was up, sore neck, hot, dizzy and slightly bleary but actually it was the heat from the wheat sack and the feather duvet and the illegally sleeping children, still, a bit scary all the same

the neck pain i now think is from carrying a table upstairs, a nice old victorian table bought at the auction last week, deceptively heavy. it feels much better today just stiff.

no more about it

this weekend i am trying to put up some valentine decorations, T recently asked me what love felt like i said it felt like when she was happy, eating chocolate cake or camping she really got on board with it and now when i see her face catch a moment i ask her if she thinks it feels like love, which usually brings a smile
so i made a paper garland will try and make some more and other paper bits, maybe some biscuits and a simple cake for over the weekend and monday. i tried them with jelly again today they probably ate a tablespoon between them so maybe that won't become a valentine tradition

the girls didn't like the pineapple pieces, typical.

i started a blanket on monday and here is it finished, my oldest friend in the word is due a baby on the 14th and i am hoping this might keep her warm still a few ends to tie in but i think its lovely, pictures again don't do it justice its chocolate brown and not such a bright pink, bloody February light.

Baby Bovington's Blanket

i have to overhaul the house very quickly as we have been decorating and need to clear a room for a long time no see friend coming to stay next week
we also have a guest on Sunday so maybe we will make an event of lunch, i am rather excited to meet him, a friend of G's

have a nice weekend
regards CM

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