Friday, 4 February 2011


so here we go, i have been here before lets see if i can stick to it, can i manage to post three times a week?

its my birthday today, i am somewhere in my late thirties, friends are too polite to enlighten me as i would rather not know. with all the commotion of Christmas, February, which is an awful month comes round so quickly i almost can't be bothered, my lovely family so want to make an effort and i just want to hide underneath the duvet, in the middle is compromise. there is a little crack in the heart that i've let it pass by for so long maybe i will make more of an effort when i turn 40.

so i thought i could write the things down that i would like to get on with this year and maybe i would follow through and get some stuff finished, nothing exciting just a little parenting, crafting cooking and playing

happy reading
kind regards
Catherine Mey

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