Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Eldest is Four


Her MerMouse

New Kite and Rash

when she was feeling a bit rubbish this week i put her to bed and told her how much i love her and that she was my most precious thing, blah blah and that my heart was just so full of love for her.
"its not all about you" she whispered back
i did really laugh

mermouse has been a big hit this week, shes been everywhere and the dinosaur, (shes holding the plastic egg in her other had) well we thought it was pretty much hatched and then daddy just had to check with a hammer and bust it from its casing, it has an under developed foot so he left it in a pint of water to see if it could be fixed but no. i think she was hoping for an actual dino, so think it might see the bin soon if i get sick of moving or picking it up off the floor

yesterday she bought a kite with her dad, half term treat, and if there is wind today i fear i will be outside flying it with them, again its grey. she has a viral rash and has been unable to sleep it off which is our usual cure for it, it just keeps appearing Dr said come back monday if it still there, will see about that.

house need a spring clean i am in that annoying state of mind where i am too shattered to do it but it fucks me off to look at it

lets see how the day goes
regards CM

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