Wednesday, 2 March 2011

big day tomorrow, oh lord!

Apple Monster

P is about 14 months old and i gave her, her first full apple to eat, actually she doesn't really do chopped either and after and hour or so she gave me back this.
there are no other bites on the other side by the way.

So last week i had my weigh in with Diet Lady Dianne, another story for another time but she has seen me through loosing nearly 2 stone, and she said that i had gained a 1/4lb. i think she was being nice, it feels a lot more and today i put back on my fat jeans. anyway i had been sick with that pesky cold and along with the girls had not really done anything but leave the couch for tea and biscuits so i can see how it happened.
she said to me that really i needed to crack on with some excersie
now i am not about to join the gym, no one i know has really ever got thinner or fitter for all the money they've spent, so tomorrow i take my free trial on BritMitFit........06:45......don'tya know!
bit nervous. had to fill in and print off and liability waiver against injury and DEATH, so its definitely going to happen, either that or i'll be the only one to tread in dog shit.
i hope i don't have to do a press up, i've got more chance of becoming a super model.

so until then
regards CM

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