Thursday, 3 March 2011

Did it Kill Me?

no it didn't, because right after i posted yesterday i noticed that it's not actually on until tomorrow, silly me.

i noticed that i have my first follower, its my very lovely other half, not sure what i i think of the choice of gal he has chosen to represent his image, i am sure shes wearing a great bikini or some thing under that hair. it seems its difficult to leave a comment on blogger if you don't have the right address, probably needs more investigation.

T's fixed fire place
we, well he is decorating T's room and this is how far her got, i think it looks lovely tiles on the wall and he built the fire surround, just got to hose everything down in pink as requested

went to see the lovely new baby Elizabeth and gave the crochet blanket, she is so tiny and light, she sleeps most of the time and is a little darling. she looks like her daddy and older brother. and she makes some funny noises. didn't get as many lovely photos as would have liked as i was practicing damage control with P, who was hell bent on helping Elizabeth keep her eyes open or destroying the house. will try and visit without children or maybe take T who is really not interested in babies at all but far more manageable in company.

will clean today when we get back from mum and baby
regards CM

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