Friday, 4 March 2011

Just to let you know - BritMitFit.

yes i did go and it was painful but like labour, you forget the torture until you go back for more.

i am glad i took the free trial because i just thought i would join and get on with it.  Apparently i did really well and managed to keep up, better than some on trail and it didn't matter that i couldn't do all the press ups or sit ups (really, i just about lifted my head off the ground), i can be taught how to do them properly.

i am glad i didn't wear a watch otherwise i would have checked the time constantly and half way through i think i could have been sick and my legs felt like timber

G asked me if i really pushed myself till i was completely out of breath, i had to explain that when you are carrying an extra 4 stone, you don't really reach that because the bulk of oneself can barely hold you up to get to that point! poor me!

I am not sure that i love it, but knitting in front of a DVD isn't going to make me i see no choice but to sign up.

it will be an expense, trainers, waterproof trousers, gloves and sensible hat.

i can only hope that in three months its all a different story otherwise i will really cry.

This eve my legs are beginning to feel heavy and there lots of parts of me twinging, arms are beginning to feel a little tired too so all good

off to clear away dinner just getting in a cheeky post while bath time happens up stairs xxx CM

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