Monday, 7 March 2011

Can't Stop Eating

feel really sluggish not helped by my inability to stay out of the fridge or food cupboards will officially eat anything.

today i bought lots of clothes for the girls and the most awful looking pair of cross trainers, black and sky blue.... yukky yukky ready for the big start tomorrow, my limbs are ready for another Brit Mit beating.

See the blue drawers?

now joined on to a cabinet for the new room

G is motoring on with the girls room and the room is now white ready to take the pink. we have two sets of drawers to be painted pink and lined with a nice paper and we have bought a rather grand light fitting.
all of this might be useless because T tells me she needs a bunk bed as she is planning to keep a kitten up there. i feel disappointment coming along.

there appears to be poo on the wall in the hallway and we all have to be interrogated by G
have to go, regards CM

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