Wednesday, 23 February 2011

where have we been?

Stuck in the house with fever and colds and snot, lots of snot in all shades and the girls are still streaming. the mister has now come down with congestion, i think i am being a lot more sympathetic to him than he was to me during my TWO week illness. but who wants to quibble.

He took the girls to the park yesterday or the day before it was all a blur just for some fresh air and then they went to our local bones and feathers museum and we are currently waiting for our dinosaurs to hatch from their clear plastic eggs (bought from the gift shop), when T tells me we will have a naming ceremony, just like the one in Brambly Hedge for Rose, Pipkin and Buttercup, stay posted for names and development up dates. when they got back P was flat out asleep so to keep T occupied we went through my scarf box, i don't think she has seen it before.

my mum always wore a head scarf (big sunglasses too) out and i have so many memories growing up on the south coast, of elder ladies in macs wearing head scarves, will i ever pull it off or will i always look like Grey Gardens? Get the Pate.

see ya
regards CM

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