Sunday, 12 August 2012

Over the Weekend

Despite P being in more of a sleep routine, that means in bed by 7 maybe asleep by 8:30 and still awake in the morning by 5 she still has to do plenty of this in the afternoon and there is still no stopping her.

Will just have to ride it out.
I can't remember back as far as Friday but I now at some point I watched this.

These three men gave the greatest post race interview and whats more stopped talking to observe another national anthem in the playing in the back ground.

I am also astounded by how much post race vomiting is caught on film, see the rowing for that!

G and I thought we'd watch the closing ceremony with a take out this eve but have cooked pasta instead as we both feel there is not a chance we will be awake gone 9.

My mum and W took the girls out for a few hours in the afternoon and to be honest most couples would probably go out for coffee and spend some quality time together we now have a tidy house which means that there is calm all round.

 Before too long they were home and they still had these faces on for most of today.

Last night was dinner out at a grotty end of town.
Meat was served and the customers were rowdy.
Not us, we were very media middle class and left pretty much before digestion kicked in for a more civilised corner of local.

I finally had a Burrito! I am not that bothered by them!
This an armadillo egg, was that it?

I think it is melted cheese inside a jalapeno pepper, covered in mince and wrapped in bacon. Delivered in sauce.

Today we had a wander by the river. There are other better places to explore on other days I think.
Places with less dog mess.

Then it was back to watch the Rhythmic Gymnastics.

I think I might have tendonitis and might make a Dr. appt as it is not getting better.
Lots more ice and painkillers this eve.
And G would prefer a little less moaning about it.


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