Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Afternoon Naps

We are in a really good run of P in her bed at 7.
Last night G took them up for stories and left them there to fall asleep all on their own.

Surely we are not the only family where mother is the one to do the majority of the bed time routine, until this summer holidays where I have insisted to all three of them that this routine will change.

Today when prepping diner in the kitchen she fell asleep just before 5


All this tampering only resulted in her shouting turning and hunkering down in a ball.

It's like damp plumbers hemp.

She did wake and eat a large dinner followed by two scoops of strawberry ice cream, then as I gathered a bag of crap from dining room table she announced

I can't find it!!!!

What can't you find?????
Let me see your nose.
I could tell it was lilac which was lucky, but how was I going to get it.
I couldn't face the hospital.
I have tweezers with a light on them in the first aid box but they wouldn't reach that far.
I tried pushing it back down from the outside.
There is no struggle from her just a look of pure innocence after all this isn't her first time.
I tried inhaling her nostril, didn't care about the snot, NOT going to casualty.

I pressed in her other nostril and T yelled BLOW THROUGH YER NOSE
As there is a hole in the bead she whistled!

Third blow it shot out across the carpet.

And now it's time to wrestle her to bed
I do love her!



  1. Hahaha! Oh my! My 5yr old swallowed a barbie dog fake poo yesterday and I've been forking through her poops to find it the bloody thing. Half hilarious half actually worried about toxic blockages! Found the bugger today-yay summer holidays!

  2. I had not even thought that far ahead, she is only two and a half what will she be like further down the line.
    She's up to no good now and it isn't even 10am!
    She has my pin cusion.....great...

    Thanks for posting a comment it is really appreciated

  3. They are a beautiful set of photos of P asleep xx