Tuesday, 21 August 2012

End of the hols is rolling in...........

I had a 6 month check up ultra sound on the goiter last week and I left the girls with Mrs K who lives quite close to the imaging dept.

Obviously I needed to use the bathroom before the appt. and as I went up the stairs I could see into her daughters room.

Oh how lovely M!

I didn't get a good picture of the BIG Edwardian wardrobe which also makes this room so lovely, how stupid of me and they are a bit blurry but that could be the light or the full bladder.

The owl peeking out from the blue box
I like how cool in temperature it looks inside. It has a real 1930's feel and nicely stripped back of clutter, something I've yet to achieve upstairs in the pink room.

Goiter appears fine with very little change from last time I am not concerned.
 But this computer has been on the blink for a week.

Yesterday I counted the days till school starts. 15!!!
Where has the time gone, I have been exhausted by their behaviour on more than one occasion but I have not wished the time away.

So for me that is two weeks to achieve a feeling of a great summer holiday and two weeks to prepared with school uniform and shoes.
In there we are away visiting friends.

Today was a strange one it felt like the beginning of Autumn there is that chill that you expect with the season change and I am out this evening and I might put a jumper on.

However I still think that it is going to be roasting on September and maybe some of October.

This made me laugh, I cleared out the cleaning cupboard. I am always annoyed that I can't find the detergent holder that goes in the machine and get angry at G as it always seems to go missing when he hangs out the washing.

It appears I have lots of them!
Not anymore, I have three, more than enough.


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  1. I thought they were funny nipple shields!