Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pick Your Own

A nice day out with a lovely family recently ended with fruit and veg.
Pick your own is a year round thing I did not know that!?

Strawberries were in short supply but we did ok because the children really searched for them.  Raspberries were abundant.
If I had a working oven I would have put them into a syrup inside a Victoria sponge.
Instead what we had were quickly put into milk shakes.

When we arrived there was an elderly lady leaving who looked like a home baker, she was everything you could imagine her to be, head scarf, floral dress and she had a box full of raspberries and you could see that each one had been 'picked'. Maybe she was making a tart where everyone would be on show or maybe she just liked working perfect produce.

I was rather excited by our visit, I was so leaving with a perfect punnet.

I have so much still to learn about children.

They just want to pick anything no matter what the condition.

Which means that you have to discard half of whats in your basket before the tractor comes and picks you up to take you back.

We had a really nice lunch by the carrots and as the children finished their food they were desperate to pull more stuff.
'You have to pay for what you pull up' and 'we have enough already' quizzed them.

I could juice beetroots, get some of those resulted in these.

They are still in the kitchen the size of human heads making me guilty that I've not done anything with them three weeks on.

I bought and academic year planner for the wall and school shoes for T this morning
It's nearly time!!


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