Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pictures From Around and About

Biggest magnolia tree ever seen.

We are learning that trees that you climb are in forests not ornamental gardens and it's a hard lesson
This is what happens when you run after the man who paints the line for the cricket square

The car needed an exhaust box, I offered to become their 'cleaner'

Some one needs to work here one morning a week me thinks
More afternoon naps and she's becoming a chunk
T asked the sales assistant if she could buy the heart for her mum
Will climb anything
Flowers in L's hair at a picnic
Ahh! Thats how you make room for more houses on a medium foot print you just dig down deeper.
Tents in the lounge

Will spending the afternoon sewing labels on socks ready for next week.
Will also attempt to hoover the house from top to bottom and clean the bathrooms.
Unlikely that I will change the beds or tidy the last of the crap in the room upstairs it is more likely that I will make hot sweet tea and fall asleep in front of the DVD that I put on in a mo for the girls.


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