Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Great Dorset Steam Fair

Every year we head further along the cost and visit close friends for a weekend.
This year we decided to go see the GDSF while we were down that way.

I took so many snaps I can't sort them out but here we go.

Its an assault on the senses. There is no hiding from the noise when you walk through the gate and these beauties are deafening and they are everywhere and they can even play Beyonce.
P soon learnt not to touch the bulbs.

T thought that this was the greatest thing ever and P threw every shape possible at the top because G quite rightly wouldn't let her slide down solo.
I am not sure what the big whoop was as you could walk down quicker.

T said that this dog was amazing!
This lady is different from the other ladies with dogs, for example, she only has one, is at the fair with another human and looks like shes had a bath.

T won a lilac nylon unicorn which P refers to as a rhinicorn.

So there is a huge screaming fun fair in the middle which is vintage, old, 80's and modern stuff. Around the edge are tractors, shepherd huts, motorcycles, vintage caravans, portaloos and horses.
Huge food marquees and areas for displays for all of the described above.
Then in between is all things steam and all things food and you can buy anything for your workshop, stable or shed.

One of these is for sale £750,000.00

Where do people keep this stuff?

I have always wanted to go on a log flume and a ferris wheel.
Not this one though it was high speed.
The girls went on it with G, T had asked 100 times to be taken on. Probably a little fast for all except thrill seeker P.
T looked terrified as she sped past me and didn't take her eyes off me and G said there was no way he could have managed another rotation.
Too much beer and too much chat the night before maybe, not that he would let on!

It was a great day out and the three little girls all under 5 did really well to manage as long as they did. The dads who are no strangers to machinery and love anything that requires wearing a boiler suit did well to manage three little girls under 5 who would have been just as happy in the park.

Nice drive home to sausage and mash.


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