Wednesday, 12 September 2012


We visit friends in Bournemouth and always head to the beach and I forget every year that this will happen and then am completely surprised at how wonderful it is and make promises to come back the following year fully prepared for the outing.

This year I think I had everything ready but for the first time it was cloudy and the sea a bit choppy.


No matter I still had my cosi and went in the freezing cold water which was beyond refreshing.

I taught T how to jump with the waves but she didn't listen and always jumped too early and then had to be hauled squealing from the deep.

We were there the same weekend as the air show, lovely.

Some people don't even bat an eye lid as these craft thunder by. Is this incredible engineering really so dull it doesn't warrant looking up from a newspaper?

Maybe having jets flying less than 500 meters is the norm for some.

Now the public toilets!
What a nice bit of tiling and melamine.

Do you think that is grey grout or just old grout?

We were back a bit late on Sunday as the traffic in the NF was hell.
T started Year 1 on the Monday and I still can't get her to tell me how she fills her day.
So far two mothers have approached me in the grounds to say that their child just thinks the world of her.
That's nice.
I have to remember to ask who their child is.
Maybe we could arrange a play date they say?
Maybe later in the term is my reply.
My daughter is knackered at the end of the day I am not dragging her to your house to entertain your kid!!

I might lighten up as the term rolls on, I have a few resolutions and a timetable to work out, once that's sorted I might become more friendly.
In the meantime I stay quiet by the wall and am thankful that she hasn't asked me to take her to the park yet.
So much to do.


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