Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In the Garden after the Winter

We have a small town garden that is rubbish for children. There isn't much in there but we are rather good at clearing down in Autumn so there is less work to do when the good weather comes back.

That was not the case this year, everything needing doing and without warning it was all happening.

Usually such a cheerful lad.

These chairs, two of them, have been in my family for 150 years. Out of everything handed down these are top ten, I've loved them. G says that they are and can be replaced with ordinary directors chairs.
They're not, they're not, NOT! WON"T WON'T NEVER!
Can you see the multiple uprights and the slight recline in the back rest and they weigh a tonne. They are just missing a cricket game.

Very damaged and past repair a sad moment taken to say good bye.

After much hard work it all looked calm again.

Very bad styling to leave the BBQ in the middle of the picture.

We've been really busy over the summer. Hardly spent any time out there and I am sure we have an Indian summer in us yet, but before that happens another day of hard work will be required. A forest has grown up through the brick work, all the flowers and shrubs have reached their peak and passed out. The bamboo could take a lead in Into The Woods and cats have shat on the fake grass.

Work is never done.


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  1. Dont throw them away - too many memories - do you remember auntie Lou and uncle Joe settling down for a cuppa in the garden at lancing but grandmamama had put the back legs too close to the edge of the lawn so they settled down a little further then they thought and ended up in the rose bushes and then of course we were all laughing too much to help them up. I realise they are too big for the 'stuff about things' folder in the archive but if you could let me have a photo and a bit of the canvas I would be very happy. Of course woodie says he can fix them so if they still exist ... bring them over or we can collect. xxxx