Monday, 23 September 2013

Afternoon Wander on the South Downs.

The girls were dull one afternoon and despite it being close to lock down, which is usually and hour before I start making dinner, when we stay at home, I thought what the hell.
Lets go for a walk in the country.
Well a bit of green field near a car park that looks really dodgy.

We were off to a rough start. T just wanted to ride her bike. I didn't feel like chasing after her and I didn't know where we were going so thought we could check out the terrain before bringing wheels in to play.
That didn't stop her asking why were we here then?

P didn't cross the stile first so sat down and threw one for a few minutes.
Then she was lovely.

Then they just made funny faces.

T does the Grinch or anything Dr. Seuss.
She brightened up about not having a bike when I told her about trying to find a four leaf clover, kept her busy for a bit.

Good choice to get out.


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