Friday, 29 November 2013

Happy 7th T!

It's your birthday, 7.
The year has gone by so fast and you have grown so quickly.

I am so excited for 7 and can't quite wait for tomorrow morning when we can really get on with it, I don't even care that it's winter not even the weather is going to make me unhappy.

Despite my excitement,  and you are watching a movie way past your bed time, it's has been a long day and I am dropping with exhaustion. I need my rest because you are going to ride a horse tomorrow and I am dutifully going to walk behind you far enough to keep you safe but not to be kicked in the face.

Maybe that is a message for life.

I think for your seven I am going to try and see more at your level and I want to yell less.
Happy Birthday babe and as Daddy said over cake, you have a good compass T, follow it.

I love you


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