Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Birthday Sate Side

It's my friends birthday today although it might be tomorrow.

She lives in New Jersey and is stunningly witty charming and sharp in every sense and
President Obama should be pleased to have her.

I remember on a couple of occasions phoning, maybe she was on her way to work, imagine a packed red bus making it's way up through South London and singing Happy Birthday and at the end saying
"I've got the wrong day again haven't I?"
Very quietly she would say
"Yes but I look forward to it"

This is your birthday card that hasn't made it's way over the pond but has been on the dining room table for weeks.
P chose it no word of a lie.
It's a true representation of what's happened to the railways since you left us.

I might not manage it every year but Happy Birthday A.
I miss you loads
Have a great Sunday


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