Monday, 23 January 2012

Last week of January

So the first of the new years challenges are nearly at an end.
On the board I wrote myself the message that I only have one week left to clear the house of unnecessary things.

Those things being like these which I found in a dusty bowl up high in the book shelf
I hadn't finished cleaning and sorting it earlier in the month

I remember collecting them with T when she was much younger in a park close to home.
I have the memory
She doesn't!
and we can get more in the Autumn on another outing as she is now really digging the nature table.

I didn't maintain them in the bowl so they clearly were not that big in the scheme of things.

T also went to a birthday party this weekend at a BowlPlex!!

If you stood on the lino too long you stuck to it

I think that pattern carpet is due a comeback you heard it here first - maybe not so bright

G's eye popped out this machine holds all his favourite sweets

There were 23 children bowling all age 5 or under
in T's lane - 8 girls all having 10 turns and 2 bowls on each turn

It was like pulling teeth with a break for lunch in between

There were no seats for T to sit at so she decided to sit at a bar stool to eat her food but forgot she was up there and when she finished her snack turned to walk away and dropped like a sack of spuds
Was a bit funny if not a little shocking. No tears though!

The family should be congratulated for holding it together because it was crazy and their daughter was angelic through it.
I've not met her before she is in another class at school

Both ears are now blocked from the music and I think my virus relapsed through the experience.

Lots of children were taken home a little early but not T there was a game of ten pin bowls to be finished and won and she wasn't leaving until the job was done.

She did win because at turn 9 she was the last girl standing and to keep an accurate score I quickly got to grips with the outdated computer thing at the end of the lane.
75 points and we were out the door

I told G that she had won the game and you'd think he was celebrating wining a debate he lifted her so high in the air.

So onwards and upwards
Power through

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