Thursday, 26 January 2012

Where does the time go!

I seemed to start the week with gusto but before you know it, the time has vanished.
I might ask G if he wouldn't mind watching P tomorrow, and I can loose myself in the house and just bring it into shape. I kind of lost it with the sort half way down.

Good news is that my ear popped at lunch today and I can pretty much hear again. Three weeks of sounding like I'm in the bath wasn't fun.

Doesn't P look lovely, or is it my furnishings?
It is lovely when it is grey outside and she finds the blanket herself and gets cosy.

After the joys of Christmas she found her groove again and dropped her nap and wonderfully for all of us slept through from 7 in the eve.

I don't know whats going on now but she has decided to take a LONG bloody nap in the late afternoon.

and there is NO stopping her.
She will sleep anywhere.

Half past ten she was still going last night.

Tonight she was down by 8 so I am thankful for that.

This is what she looks like in the morning
Next week I'll crack her and the other one is waking up at midnight for no reason either.

It seems that they just want to cuddle up. G says I am like a homing beacon. So I put them in together in the bottom bunk and that seems to have made them happy.

I have a drawer full of sewing and craft stuff and for such a long time I haven't really had the time to get into a project so I just stuff everything in here. so decided to sort through and organise.

It's not finished yet but it is getting there

This collar belonged to my grandmother and it has been waiting for a garment since i was 17 - kind of sad
What was I thinking getting all of this stuff
Boxes from NYC
These were colour coded in glass jars and are now back in a tin - I've never sewn a button on anything!

Right I've got a cuppa and am off to bed
Tomorrows a new day

I'm quoting Chicken Little


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