Saturday, 28 January 2012

Christmas Presents

Last Christmas our lovely friends brought this cool sew up kitty for T which she insisted on starting straight away.
I always think this is fatal because as predicted it didn't get finished and then stayed in one of may to do boxes.
But as that to do drawer is now sorted the cat is now finished.

These wonderful friends of ours are now a family of three and have started a blog of their own.
If you want to see them check out

This year a lovely friend in Spain gave me these lacquer foil varnish strips determined not leave it so long I had a five quite minutes in the kitchen and I had filed my nails in prep last eve and now they look like this.

So easy. From SEPHORA
It helps that I love the pattern.
Art Deco show girl an absolute a favourite era.

I hate that it will only last a few days
Boo Hoo

I got George to cut my hair off today.
With all the thyroid gland hormone anxiety it's pretty much falling out in clumps so this makes it looks thicker.........and greyer, which I suppose will need tackling at some point!

I got a book voucher for Christmas thank you to G's dad and bought this and then some more.  Actually more than double the cost.
Who isn't a nut for a book shop.
Will post what another time.

Shamefully I don't know much about Celia except I have some branded makeup brushes.
I am sucker for a good cover too.


Shame to put water in the pool

This was taken the other day I think that spring might be on it's way!


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