Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Last Days of January

Well this month has been one of clearing out and I think I have done it as best as I can at this time.

I am just waiting for fine weather so I can do a car boot and earn lots of cash to put in the pot to help with the school fees.
Which I think will make me feel good

With a clearer work space I am making my way through little projects that were waiting my attention.

This is missing ears, the reins and the thing that goes over the nose. I think it's likely to look more like a camel when it's done.

Christmas presents again.  These are G's cashmere gloves, when he found that removing them with his teeth was more effective that using hands there was no turning back and now there is a big hole in the finger.

I'm nuts for these cards of wool. I have seen lots of illustrations of how to do proper darning but mines going to look terrible I can see it now!
I am not going out to buy navy. It's a no spend 2012.

I bought these little glow planets for T and I think we will put them onto a wire mobile.
If the girls go to bed early this eve then that is what we are doing.

We went to a friends for Sunday lunch and had a lovely afternoon and we are hoping that as well as a full belly we have also left with the Chicken Pox virus for P.
She has a bit of a fever but has been better today and has tried to get a handle on this contraption that she has yet to find out is a tricycle.

She has also developed this annoying noise a bit like a quick whining siren that she uses when she wants her own way.

So very quickly I had my results back from my thyroid ultra sound.
I have an enlarged multi nodular goiter that I will learn to live with rather than die by.

It's all fine.


Still feel like crap and want to be rid of winter virus so I can learn to manage the beaut.
If anyone reading this has or knows someone with a goiter and wants to share any useful info please comment in the box below.
It's all welcome

Have a lovely eve. It's snowing every so slightly out there!

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