Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Children's Books

I said earlier that I went to the book store.

I bought a copy of Ballet Shoes - Noel Streatfeild

She looks familiar

Anyway I was looking for a copy of Anne of Green Gables but being shallow I didn't like the covers of the copies that they had.
One a modern illustration, think Charlie and Lola and the other bright pink with tea cups and cakes all over it. Well anyone who saw the 1980's television series will know that there wasn't a lot of money around and it's far more crumpled linen and cotton ticking no where near as lively on the eye.

So as I have not read ballet shoes my mum suggested getting a copy of that.
So a nice cloth cover book with original 1930's illustrations sits next to my bed and Anne Shirley will just have to wait.

Easter on it's way I also picked up two books for the girls Spring Baskets and the jury is still out as to weather we celebrate Easter in it current form - Christ has risen lets run out to Sainsbury and buy loads of over packaged cheap sugar.

This is for P

and this is for T

there is so much to look at.

My lovely friend who reads this and lives in New Jersey has a young one, actually 1!
I thought that it would be nice if he received the occasional gift from across the pond.


I will put it away till his next birthday and then pop it in the post on time hopefully.

Desperate for a cuppa

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