Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Whole Year

Well today is my birthday and that means the blogs a year old!

Happy Happy Birthday Homestead

I've loved recording the events of our little life here, I have been looking back over the previous posts and it's a nice record.

But it is a little pedestrian and it's clear that I like life in the slow lane just managing my lot, as this year draws to a close and I am more organised than ever. I think I might try and find more adventure for us as a family and maybe that might not be rocket speed but a venture outside of our catchment but still within the boundary.

Get up and go I think it's called.

So I decided a new resolution for my birthday would be to not go on about my health to my friends and family as I am sure that 6months of me dissecting every little ache and pain must be a little tiring for them and that I would make an effort just to push through and not worry so much.

But I woke up and I think I might have cystitis.


Have a lovely weekend

I bought a big crochet hook (12) and am knocking up a blanket for family

Is anybody reading this?



  1. I'm reading it and am very cross with you! You did not tell me it was your birthday today! Happy birthday lovely friend xx

  2. Well you know I'm reading it and that I love it too! Happy birthday darlin'. I saw something I think you'll like, so will put it in the post on Monday for you.


  3. I'm reading this also. I drop by now and then for a good old catch up. Happy Birthday CM and blog.
    I have something for you. Could you email me your address please?
    Al x