Monday, 6 February 2012

Birthday Wishes


Friday was a great trip to the cinema with L (scroll through prev posts) to see Carnage with
Jodie Foster and Kate Twinset.

I am glad I've seen it, probably won't watch it again unless there is nothing on but it was funny in places.
What was great about it was that it is an adult film, a proper play, that meant there were serious adults in the cinema seats, all dressed in adult clothes and very few eating popcorn.

I don't think even a teenager could be seen.
Made me feel like I didn't have children, like life at 30, I quite liked it.
Is that bad?

We walked to the cinema and due to road works there was hardly any traffic and it was strangely quiet which went well with the icy weather.

I got some lovely presents too

Lovely paper lovely packaging
It's from 1960 - I can't wait to read this
I've only ever bought the vanilla - I love this stuff

G had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and basically I wanted a weekend free from the responsibility of looking after the girls.

Nothing fancy just simple stuff.

I still must have heard the word MUM a hundred times but it didn't feel like my watch.

Which meant that I finally made it to the quilt shop on Saturday I think I have been trying to visit since the beginning of Autumn.

I didn't manage to sort my little desk space out which has become a bit of a dump site with all the logistics that I've been overseeing this past month but I made a start on that today.
I now have desk space I figured that with all the posting and writing that I have to do it warranted a desk space.

I had asked G for a pair of Vans to throw on for the school run.
I have fat feet, I call them dancers feet but either way a lace up plimsoll can look unsightly and baggy within months of wearing them so I thought a capsule foot covering was in order hence the VANS.

I also asked for a skipping rope to strengthen the ankle which is still weak and to help loose the wobble.
To be honest I was after some plastic handles and a length of nylon washing line.

But No

This is called The Beast
and apparently you have to hold the handles in the correct position or the leather rope won't turn which all means a better work out.


On Sunday a knock at the door bought delicious carrot cake treats, a lovely new mug and the electric blanket on the bed made for a perfect weekend

The table cloth is a gift from G's mum

Looking back I had a really nice time with some wonderful birthday wishes so thank you.

F*** I'm going to be forty soon!


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