Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Finishing Things

I've achieved nothing today and as it is nearly the school run time that means failure.

Over the last week or so I managed to finish the following

The Hobby Horse - Is that what they are called?

New ears, new pink bit. if you look closely it looks like it's been decapitated but there is a brown ribbon there. T can't help but tie things in knots, I will post about that another time - I've been collecting pictures of things hanging or detained.

G's Glove

I said my darning would be rubbish but it has done it's job and now the other glove needs doing.

Last week I started this blanket for a family member they had redecorated their bedroom, we didn't know this and the Christmas present we bought them no longer was appropriate so I started on a blanket it isn't quite finished and it isn't going to be that big.

Sephora Polish still going strong
Can yo see where I have burned my hand.
I have discovered disinfectant and put it everywhere and don't wear gloves in process

while crocheting this was asleep on my shoulder I don't think it was feeling tip top

Outstanding jobs in small doses is better and more achievable.

I want to quickly get these out the way so I can move on
That's a MOTTO

Thinking about it I am not sure if I have fully finished anything off and been satisfied with the outcome ever.

That's a challenge.

Off to think about dinner and put washing away
and by the looks of it argue with T because the dress she wants to wear is still damp and I have asked her to hang it up and it has not gone down well at all.



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